Ahhhh, there’s that word. The word that causes elation and happiness and sadness and sorrow. But what is LOVE? Love is a genuine expression, feeling, connection you have to another. That sensation of a smiling heart, a knowing, a comfortable and comforting bliss.

You can feel and share love with people, animals, nature and the God source. Allowing LOVE to consume you is what all of us should be striving for. There is no secret or magical plan for love to happen. No set of rules, restraints or “must do’s”. To LOVE fully one must open themselves to the realization that it is the most natural thing there is. ALLOW love, expect it, and give it freely with no expectations.


One thought on “Love

  1. The website is looking really good guys,
    I would very much enjoy to see more about “love” in the website if thats possible.
    Or just more posts on it, I find it to be a very strange energy to me lately.

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