Medium Development Class

blossoming To blossom and become a very good medium one has to do the work! We had the opportunity to attend an excellent Mediumship Development workshop with the world renowned Scottish medium Bill Coller last week. Bill, who currently resides in Zurich Switzerland, is considered by many to be the best technical teacher of mediumship in the world. We are very fortunate to have Bill come to our Sarasota  Center of Light for 4 years in a row now.

Working with Spirit is an ongoing practice that involves great discipline, focus, multitasking and perseverance. There is always growth and perfecting to be learned and practiced – as with anything worth doing well, the education and knowledge never ends! We discussed everything from private sittings to public platform demonstrations, tons of great techniques and time to work together and practice.. a very good workshop!

We thoroughly enjoy these opportunities for growth and believe everyone with the desire to do this kind of work should realize the importance of why it is done, how it is done properly, and how important working with Spirit truly is, for the public, and those in the spiritual world.