Lori Marshall

lori-marshall-medium-sarasoIt is my passion to live mindfully and to support you in finding answers and an understanding to your most important questions and matters of the heart.

Professionally, I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor,  Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, Certified IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Death Cafe Facilitator… and I love every aspect of  these modalities and blend them as needed.

I truly enjoy my work!   🙂

Personally I am a vegan animal and human rights advocate who has an insanely strong connection to greyhounds! I am also an artist, photographer and writer.

I have a huge fondness for connecting deeply with people too.

I will strive to do the very best to create a meaningful experience with you. I am honest, ethical and genuine and passionate about life, love and learning.

Do you ever wonder –

Where is my loved one?
Are they ok?
Do they know how much I love them?
Are they still with me and aware of me?
What happens when we die?
Will I ever make it through this grief?
Am I living this life to the fullest?
How can I be my best me in every age of my life?

Regarding Spirit Communication

Connecting with a loved one who now resides in the spiritual world is beautiful. It is also normal and natural.  I will also teach and coach you on how to connect with your loved ones yourself. You can learn to continue your relationships in consciousness.

I have just moved to quaint Princeton, WI from Sarasota Florida with my partner Mark, my amazing teen Tommy, 2 grandkiddos, our 2 meows, spritely cockatiel and beloved Greyhounds Poppy & Lilly! My heart hound Indra & Siamese babe Diva returned to spirit in 2015.

Mark and I also do Intuitive and Vegan Lifestyle coaching together or as a team for individuals, couples, families or groups. Just let us know if you want us both. We are also available and love to teach and facilitate classes and workshops/lectures.

Skype, in-person, phone or e-mail readings are of equal quality.

A few testimonials –

I want to thank you for your reading after my momma left. It was integral in getting a hold on my sanity long enough to begin the journey forward through the hell. I’ve come to three months of grieving in about 10 days. I’m ready to go forward now. ~ Angelica K.

I  just wanted to say that I think that today was a life altering experience. Not only for the moment, but I will remember it for the rest of my life, and I know it will continue to affect me. I typed up the entire reading, and then I could reflect on the big picture. Sorry, I was so stubborn with who was coming through and the information being given. I have contacted everyone in my family asking if they want the information given. I am most excited to get to know my gate-keeper. You are truly inspirational, and I feel like my third mind has been opened exponentially. This is just the beginning, but I’m so honored that you shared your gift with me. This will help me discover my own capabilities, opportunities, and help me heal. I believe that this is only the start, and I’m sure I’ll be in contact with you over the summer.” ~ Truly FM

“I teach psychic mediumship professionally worldwide and Lori is highly gifted as a channel for the spirit world. As a teacher I have observed her advanced skills in action as she has effectively brought through highly meaningful and specific communications from guides and loved ones in the spirit world. If you want a meaningful session with a medium by someone not only possessing the skill but also sincerely works from the heart with ethics and compassion, then you want to work with Lori. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and ENDORSE her mediumship work.” ~ Stephen Hermann

“Lori is truly amazing. She could sense why I was there and was ready to connect with my loved one. I came into my experience hopeful but skeptical, but I did not leave disappointed. I can’t thank God and Lori enough for allowing me to find closure and therefore truly begin to heal from a very difficult loss. I would recommend her to anyone that was hoping to connect with a loved one that has passed. She is simply the most true and caring individual and will do whatever she can to help you!”  ~ Christina Despot

“I have sat with Lori many times and have found her evidence astounding at times. Wonderful connection with SPIRIT, and her accuracy is great. she constantly brings through things she could not possibly know; or even discover by normal investigative means. A wonderful experience.”  ~ John St. Clair

“Where do I start? Talking to Lori be prepared! She is  very energetic when doing a reading and throws herself in 100%. The things Lori gives you leaves no doubt but at the same time she is down to earth and very comfortable to talk to about anything. Truly gifted. ” ~ M. Almack

“I have asked for her assistance in very down times and she has always been there connecting to the other side and her god source for the highest purpose. She is compassionate, kind and i trust her 100%!!!” ~ Barbara Berenbaum

“I’ve never met anyone quite like Lori. She’s a wonderfully compassionate woman with a keen intellect and a heartfelt outlook on life. When I’ve been at my lowest points she’s been there to lift me up and put me back on my feet again. Not only is her mediumship on point and true to form but her intuition and insights are more purely inspired than anyone I’ve ever know. I have been privileged to have known her and admire how she ads richness and purpose to not only my life but the lives of anyone fortunate enough to find themselves in a conversation with her.” ~ Mark Sanders

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