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Mark-MobileAll my life I have been on a journey of spiritual progression, as are we all. And through it all, I consider it my continued privilege to avail myself to any who are in need of a little guidance. Seeing spirit has always been a part of my life, which has shown me that the continued existence of our consciousness transcends the physical death. As a result I have never had a fear of death, I have always found great comfort in the reality that I too will one day make the journey between worlds again. For me it is not a belief, it is a knowing.

This realization has given me this passion to explore the depths of the soul, and an insatiable drive to discover what else is there beyond the confines of the physical realm. The spirit world, the realm of psychic and of the medium have been of special interest. I have studied a wide variety of disciplines, and have spent years in meditation and attunement.

I offer 20 years of experience in intuitive Tarot and a lifetime of spirit communication. A psychic reading with me provides insight into your life, opening you to possibilities you may not be aware of. A mediumistic reading helps to bring you closer to the realization of your souls divinity and immortality.

I offer spiritual life counseling, spirit portraiture,
intuitive Tarot as well as mediumship.

We all have choices in life and any help that I can offer to assist you in making informed decisions is why I’m here. I have spent lifetimes in study of a wide variety of disciplines, philosophies and theologies. My purpose here in this world, I feel is one of service. Whether it takes the form of advice from a departed loved one, a drawing of them or a guide, or a dive deep into the heart of your current life lessons, I am here for you.

It is my understanding that we are all born psychic. Some develop that ability while others may simply ignore or not realize  it. It is a common misconception that psychic abilities are a gift. Just as some athletes may train to become better, due to a particular talent that they are drawn, some psychics choose spend those developmental energies honing our skill. I am the latter…

Yes, there are some psychics who have a stronger connection than others, just like some baseball players make it to the majors, and require little in the way of training. They are considered “naturals” or “gifted” because they were never talked out of their skill. I am one of them.

There aren’t many places one can go to “learn” these skills, and no I did not attend a “college” for psychics (though I believe there is in England – Arthur Findlay). I have however attended classes and seminars on spiritual topics, as well as many mediumship development classes over the years. And I attend regular mediumship circles to practice and further develop my skill in order to benefit anyone coming to me for a reading. Practice, dedication, regular meditation, attunements, and ongoing education all enhance these abilities. I do not consider I will ever finish studying.

With every reading, I offer my clients clarity, peace of mind and a deeper understanding about what is happening in their life.

Lori and I are also available for teaching, workshops, speaking engagements and events.


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“Mark is a dynamic, compassionate healer and a powerful spiritual medium. As a professional international medium with over 30 years experience studying, teaching and demonstrating spirit communication worldwide. I highly recommend and endorse Mark’s mediumship. He has a high ethical standards, natural ability and has received excellent training as a medium. Give him a call as he will go out of his way to help you.“ ~ Rev. Stephen Hermann

“I had the awesome experience of chatting with Mark today, and the insight and the time that he took to explain everything was incredible. He thoroughly explained each thing that he saw and was also acting as a great counselor. His insight into what he saw with me was truly inspiring. It also confirmed some of the things that I was considering in my life. I highly recommend Mark if you have some questions or concerns that you feel you need answers to.” ~  Charlie Willis

“Mark is a very spiritual, kind, well-bred qualified friend to give spiritual readings to anyone requesting his love and support. His artistic abilities and talents are off the chart, also.” ~ Karen Strauss

“Mark is defintely gifted and cares about what he does and who he helps. Every time I have talked to him he takes the time to go in depth and give you as much as he can. Highly recommend him for any life question. ” ~ Margie Almack

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