Mediums, Readings, and Misunderstandings.


Often times I hear someone talking about their experiences with other mediums. When people come to me for questions concerning their last reading with someone else, they are usually plagued with confusion. For instance I was reading in a forum about how this woman was comforted by the message coming from a medium that her loved ones were “always” with them.

 The Medium explained to her that all of this woman’s relatives who had passed on were constantly by her side watching over her. Even though the medium could not bring through someone closer to her in generation, the woman’s great-uncle came to chat with her. While she may have been comforted by the mediums words she was confused on how they could always be with her, as well as with everyone else in her family.

This woman did not recognize the boy that came through, other than a vague reference when she was younger of her great uncles untimely death. The description fit but the name was wrong… even though it was the name of her grandfather, to which the reader told her that the name was coming from the young boy as his name. Not only did she not truly recognize the spirit, but she couldn’t understand why he would be always by her side… he didn’t know her. The boy died before she was born.

Part of the problem was that she came expecting to hear from someone in particular; instead she was left with an empty feeling, with no gratification, and the feeling that she was constantly being watched by this young boy whom she never met.While the Medium certainly was able to bring through a departed loved one, the other part of the problem is that the Medium she sat with was still nurturing some mainstream, new age concepts, which are mired with Christian over tones.

 Mediumship is not something that the untrained person should just start doing, regardless of their innate talent. Just because a person may have a knack for hearing spirit, or seeing, it does not mean that they should be working as a professional medium. A trained medium knows how to turn it on and off. They will also follow certain ethics, and will never give information that would interfere with free will.

A properly trained Medium would never tell you that your spirit folk are always there with you. A properly trained Medium would understand that regardless of which side of the “veil” you are on, you are never constantly by anyone’s side. People here and there both have lives, places to go and be; things to do that may take them away from your side. However, spirit is always up-to-date with what is happening in your life, but they by no means are continually tethered to any one person here on the earthen plane.

Another common misconception is that a Mediums Gate Keeper is the same thing as a Guardian Angel, walking ahead of you in life and protecting you from harm. Our Gate Keepers watch over us and help us to communicate with other spirits. They are not angels. Angels are a completely different vibration. The Gate Keeper is your connection to the spirit realm.

So to tell someone that their Grandmother is always standing by their side is not completely true. When we think about our Grandmother, they are drawn to us, think of “thinking” of them as picking up the phone and making a call… they answer if they are available and able. If not… someone else will come through. This is why there are never guarantees that a particular spirit loved one will show up.

When we die, we are not automatically wiser than we were here, nor are we more intelligent, full of knowledge, or kinder. People are people whether dead or not. A jerk is still a jerk, and someone kind and pure did not suddenly become omnipotent just because we think of him or her as Saintly.

Your loved ones certainly are up to date with what is happening in your life, but they are by no means always with you. And your gatekeeper, though helpful, caring, and watchful… is not the same as a guardian angels.

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