Mediumship and loss

For me, the purpose of mediumship is to assist those that seek out and will benefit from the assurance that a friend or loved one who has made their transition from the physical world to the non-physical realm is alright and still around. Let me also state that your loved ones in spirit are always available to you, and you can connect with them at anytime. They are up to date with your life! Whenever you think a loving thought, have a fond memory, speak to them or write about them, your loved one does notice, is aware of exactly what you are communicating and feeling, and will do their very best to help you feel their presence. A medium is trained to allow these wonderful connections to happen clearly, but you do not need a medium to feel the love and presence of those who have made their transition.

It is all perfectly natural, normal and perfect.

It is extremely fulfilling to help create that situation  of understanding and comfort. Even though it is never about me, the medium, I always feel honored to be a part of it. Knowing that we do NOT die, only change form as energy, is beneficial though it  is still difficult to lose the “physical-ness” of a loved one. Realizing that they are still with us is helpful and brings a better perspective to our current lives and more meaning to the whole.

I dedicate this post to my beloved Barbie… who still plays on the beach with me from her personal heaven.

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