Memory Lane and the Now

sister love memoryThey say there is no time in the afterlife, that “time” is an earthly creation. I have good reason to believe that they know what they are talking about so it makes sense to me. TIME has always boggled my mind anyway, I mean I feel fundamentally the same now as I did 20 years ago, even 30 , and perhaps 40, so “time”  has always felt elusive and not genuine to me. The best way I can wrap my head around it is to try and live my life in the “NOW” and embrace each moment with the understanding that this moment IS all there actually is.

I do however enjoy that delicious road of nostalgic memories that brings great joy to my heart when I wander back through it. Reminiscing about the moments that helped to create my story… my truth of who I am in this particular life chapter. A black & white photo, the smell of an old book, or picking up a memento that once belonged to another takes me to a place that makes my heart warm and sit in reflective bliss. Don’t you just stand in awe of all the previous “you’s” and the relationships and moments that brought you to where you are now?

I was recently at my parents lake house in Northern Wisconsin helping my mom decide what “mementos” mattered the most to her to take back to Florida as we prepared the house to sell. My dear beloved dad made his transition back to the spirit realm over 3 years ago and we needed to make some hard decisions about what was really important and what to give away. You see, we had to fit the stuff that mattered and represented the bulk of their 50+ years together into a large pick-up truck in a matter of several days. My sister Kim and I worked hard and also had a wonderful time reliving many memories and stories with laughter and tears. From boxes of old hand blown Easter eggs we created as kids, Christmas decor, tubs of photographs and objects of my dads we keep moving forward while enjoying the moments. As it turns out the keep, give or toss game was easier than I would have thought. When it came down to it our most precious MUST have’s all had to do with love. The photos, dad’s bathrobe, slippers,  fingernail clippers, comb, and the things he actually used became very dear. My parents wedding dress & suit, their old yearbooks, dad’s fathers and his guitar, mom’s knick knack’s and her mothers brooch, and all the amazing pieces of moments we had all shared. There was a wonderful release as we hauled loads of non-needed things to the Goodwill and the local dump as we purged the material things that held no sentimental value.

I discovered that TIME is absolutely not real and is only set by the boundaries of our mind. As we found the old Bobby Sherman records and played them loudly and remembered all the crushes we had , and then played my parents Johnny Cash collection, I realized just how wonderful the MEMORY LANE is!   As I worked and played hard with my mom & sister my dad was there with us, helping to keep us focused and keeping our memories and love alive. When I decided that I must have the PRICELESS potato masher because DAD always used it to make the BEST mashed potatoes, my sister Kim let me have it.. no fuss.. and opted for the meat tenderizer gadget he always used. You see, this is a huge intervention from my dad from spirit as we would normally have fought like cats over every item.. nope, we shared perfectly! And when I realized I had forgotten the 1960 ice cream scoop, Kim said she would get it for me when she went back to do some weatherization on the house… how cool is that?

I was also fortunate enough to share some precious time with some old and dear friends, some I had not seen in decades. It was simply beautiful how our lives melded back together as if we had never physically separated. Friends, like family are the true and brilliant gems of this journey! Hold them near and dear.

It was a fascinating adventure in love, sharing and authenticity.  It deepened my knowing that what matters is people, animals, and all living things. A beautiful reminder to LOVE hugely, forgive always, and place your focus on touching hearts and building relationships. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do in this moment as there is no tomorrow. Stuff is just that, stuff and has no value… only heart connections have value. Un-clutter your life and make room for experiences that will last many many lifetimes.



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