Missing Pieces

In my youth I always thought the puzzle of life would, as I got older, begin to take shape. I would think of the various overlapping elements of each of the worlds religious belief systems and I would break them down by any means necessary and place them allegorically. I analyze things… I enjoy the process. I would look then at the science, the physics of the relationship of physical bodies and see how the pieces fit within the concept of Faith and Reason.  From my perspective a Jigsaw puzzle, so I started with the edges.

“What religion interprets as God, its critics interpret as illusion. What religion interprets as Holy Scripture, critics interpret as human fabrication. What religion interprets as divinely ordained traditions, critics interpret as systems of repression and dominations. What religion interprets as freedom, critics interpret as false security.” ~ William E. Paden – Interpreting the Sacred – Ways of Viewing Religion.

However, if we look at where religion and the critics (science) dis-agree, upon certain key points, we can find that the interpretation becomes not only more poignantly comprehensible but each separately falls inline within the framework of Metaphysics. This is the study of that which is above the physical. Metaphysics… it re-established the overall view and suddenly the edges had to come off because they were no longer needed, the picture was beginning to take shape.

Finally came the relationship between Metaphysics and Quantum Physics (I look at as the study of that which is beneath the physical). Now, we have the relationship held within the duality of Macro-Cosm/ Micro-Cosm. We find in each of these two new elements an explanation in the same manner as the other duality of Faith and Reason. This relationship that this new way of looking at it redefines and remolds the reality of it all. Then as the picture began to make perfect since, the edge pieces, the framework no now blends with the edges of the reality puzzle and creates a sphere of ever expanding… understanding.

The underlying fabric of reality now comes into focus. It is in seeing how the various nuances fit together like in a giant jigsaw puzzle laid out as lessons we learn in our lives. As you do this the pattern of your life takes shape within the sphere of your understanding.

Each one explains and is inter-related to the others, and it is all bound together through one of my favorite forms of study, philosophy.  “Plato knows my name” was one of my favorite childhood sayings. I was introduced to platonic philosophy at an early age. I began reading a Latin-English dictionary when I was seven. When I was ten or so I read a book titled “Philosophy, History and Problems” by Samuel Enoch Stumph. This and mythology sparked a thirst to explore as many forms of mythology, theology, psychology… what ever “~ology” I could get my hands on. I broke them all down to their basic underlying themes and similarities as well as differences.

This led me to this concept ~ It only makes sense that there are perceptible connections throughout creation. There is only one universe in which we exist. In that we reside in One sphere of creation together, we are all One creation. We are a duality of an eternal spiritual beings bound between two universes. The physical body is here in this realm and our perception of the environment is interpreted through our spiritual essence, which resides in the realm of spirit. The soul is the blending of the two. The physical manifestation of the duality of self is formed as a body so that the spirit can remain here and learn as a soul. This creates a trinity, which can overlap into the concept of Mind, Body, Spirit.

We spend 2/3 of our life asleep. While we are awake we are utilizing mostly Mind/ Body energy (Manifesting as a Soul) accounting for 2/3’s of our daily and life cycles. The final third of our cycles are spent in the remaining third; where we are connected primarily in our Mind/ Spirit vibration through the Silver-Chord. This link allows our duality to be in communication within the incarnate experience. This process as it expands within our life, and is known by many forms such as the attaining of wisdom, enlightenment, or awakening. The latter part of our life is spent much like the third of our sleep cycle where we are in tune with spirit more than body.

This puzzle known as existence, it is a wholly individual experience, but only here within the experience. When we reside in the moments of stillness we align with our plan. In doing this we embrace the lessons and just as each of us paints our own picture in pre-birth we continually place the pieces together during life, only to review it upon re-birth and take from it the understanding of this life. We then take this attainment of wisdom with us as we decide upon the path for our next earthly experience. We grow here as Souls so the Spirit  will live on.