Moments to Memories

Now moments memoriesI awoke this morning earlier than usual as that particular blue was beginning to illuminate the sky and allowed my mind to stay in that half dreamy state, that delicious and often mysterious place between the slumber world and the awakened one. My mind drifted to thoughts of how many times I had done this… woken up and began another new day. I meandered through the visuals of all the different rooms my eyes had opened to, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings. All the different “me’s”, the child me, the teen, and the various stages of the “adult me” that have transpired to get me to my in this moment ME! 19,980 mornings-ish, and counting… what and incredible realization to begin yet another day.

Even though I am residing on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the seasonal metamorphosis  is miniscule, I can often FEEL the changes I remember marked by their tell tale signs. My favorite season is Autumn with the crispness in the air, the warm colours, crunchy smells and anticipation of my favored and celebrated holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Autumn always felt like the time for preparing, sharing, gathering and abundance. As I walked my Greyhound in the morning blue I could sense the seasonal changes, even though the air was still thick, balmy and warm, the nuances of the seasons and past celebrations are ingrained in my soul as are all the important or distinguished time-stamps from this life’s journey.

I understand that every moment of one’s life is in actuality all that there is, the NOW is it and when one embraces their NOW and fully experiences it the entire purpose of being here is perfect. The human design of our minds having the ability to reminisce and indulge in our previous moments is spectacular and important.  We create the intricate weavings of our reality moment by moment to end up with a rich and full tapestry called our life, complex, worn, tattered, strong, colourful, beautiful and always interesting, important and as intended.

As we move into the season of Autumn let us honor change, and celebrate our own personal harvest as well as the harvest of all others and to bring in gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. With a full heart let others know that you are thinking of them, appreciative that they are in your life, and extend kindness to all living creatures in every moment. Embrace fully your NOW while giving yourself permission to revive your past moments, all those impressions that have brought you to where you are and release and forgive all thoughts of what does not serve you.

Each spectacular moment is creating a memory so live them entirely and consciously and allow them to linger as needed and desired.

Every moment creates a memory… intertwined with all you are connected with…live consciously


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