Never alone

When you are able to allow yourself to understand the importance of the reality that each and every one of us is energy contained in a flesh body for our earthly journey, and connected to each other as fragments of energy from the whole of source it makes it easier to allow the understanding that we are never alone or separate. Not only are we all connected energetically, but those who have made their transition back home to the spiritual realm continue to connect with us energetically. Not from some far off distant place trying to reach us, but standing right next to us, right here on the earth plane. Accessible, viable and always available to any and each one of us at anytime. That touch you just “thought” you felt, the word you just “may” have heard, the dream or vision that “entered” your earth mind, are your loved ones and spiritual guides and teachers trying as best they can in their energy form to communicate with you and develop a connection. Try not to use that logical head of yours to somehow rationalize it or make it logical. Try to reach out and extend yourself, just as they do, and allow your higher self to remember how possible, beneficial and perfect this relationship with our spirit friends is!

We are never alone… not in this earthy journey, nor when we are making our way back home, or when we arrive. This is a continuum of experience, growing, flowing, and expanding.  We are all shining beautiful sparks and facets of the Source, be it in the flesh body or in pure energetic form… we are connected parts of the whole. Allow yourself to become comfortable with this knowing, extend yourself out to all that you encounter in your daily moments, embrace and love your own being and all that come into your experience, in this world and from the Spiritual realms.

The image I selected for this thought is from the Co-Existence exhibition here in Sarasota Florida. I like the dreamy and blended effect of the forms reaching, touching connecting with such a strong feeling of acceptance and LOVE!

Be the one to create this expression in your life and share it with others.

Love~ XOXO