Perhaps the most beneficial way to look at this opportunity of life on earth, in this incarnate, in this often cumbersome confines of our “earth suit”, is the realization that the entire experience is to grow, be of service, LOVE and finally release our magnificent and never-ending spirit, to return again to the spiritual world where all will continue. Isn’t that amazing?

I believe we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience having chosen to come back to the earth  as this IS the place of opportunity, a  grand and magnificent  place of duality.  The earth plane has all extremes of opposites – love/hate, war/peace, night and day… By living in a place of duality we can truly learn and appreciate all aspects of the experience.

Every opportunity, the self-proclaimed good, bad, beautiful and the ugly happen for a reason and have purpose. It is all part of the perfect plan, the plan or “contract” that you created before you returned. Embrace all of your moments and every experience fully and genuinely. The divine spark resides in all.

Love, light & beauty~~~ xoxo