markI find a certain comfort in the understanding that my pain is here for a reason. It is for me to find a way to do one of the three things you are faced with in any situation, and that is to accept it, walk away from it, or work to change it.

I cannot walk away from it, and I if I do not accept it I can only work to change it. I take various herbal and organic compounds to reduce my swelling and hot pads and hot baths in dead sea salts and Epsom’s… but most of all, I daily work with the pain. I notice its nuances and its stressors and alieviations… I learn from the pain so I can send healing light from my soul those places with which the very cells of my body cry out for in unison. I listen to them, and I let them guide me to procure an end to that which carries me from my daily goings ons.

Pain has peaks and valleys, pain has stressors and as with all pain, it is there for a reason. It is here to show us where our bodies need attention due to injury, or dis-ease… it is there to show us the way to use the divine light within us to heal by spreading that light and that love throughout our essence to heal the body.

And a little apple cider vinegar every now and then is good to burn some fat.

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