Perspective and our reality

Perspective – a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Life can become overwhelming at times, busy, chaotic, messy, sad… feeling dissatisfied and anxious, perhaps even hopelessness can show up at certain moments and times in our lives.  At some point most of us will experience things that simply do not feel good, seem to have a purpose or make any sense.

Life events, daily or milestones are continual and should be seen as sparks of your whole. What we do with our experiences  ultimately depends on how we perceive and react to them. Do we try to come to the understanding that we are responsible for our own reality and be accountable for our life? Can we develop a way of looking at our life and knowing that opportunities exist in everything we do?

Life was not designed to be monochromatic and uneventful. We are here to paint a colorful, rich and multi-dimensional picture. And if you think about it, you would not want it any other way. When your life seems to be getting a bit crowded,  a little overwhelming, or when things happen that are out of your ordinary experience, allow yourself to breathe, sit in your moment and look for the true meaning of the experience and how it will ultimately serve you. Enjoy your time here… moment by moment.


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