Never underestimate the power of potential. Most people do not realize that they posses the power of creation within them. It seems that these days more and more of us are concerned with the practicality of life instead of living it. When you step back and take a moment to realize that you are divine you will learn that you can accomplish anything you set your heart on. Some people seem to think that this is hidden knowledge. Some say that this is a secret that we have been kept from for our entire lives because we are slaves to industry, corporation and religion.

Unlike the days of many of our forefathers we live in a society where we posses not only freedom of thought but freedom of choice. Independent and divine is man. Each of us has the potential to accomplish anything. You are a creative being, and you posses the power of creation within. Never let the trappings of society diminish your potential. For inside you hold the potential you desire. See it, feel it, let it become your waking dream.

So, how do you manifest everything you want in your life? Do you? Would it shock you to know that everything you see around you is there because you created it?

You brought into existence everything because you are a creative being; you are part of creation, therefore you are the creator.

You are the architect of the world you live within. Every action you have made in your life has led you on a path through your will. Your decisions, your reflection upon them, and your understanding of that lesson coalesces with your essence and you gain wisdom.

This wisdom guides further decisions. When you reach each moment you create the world you see. You are the creator of your world, your universe; your life experience is a result of you.

How do you use this and manifest what you want out of your life? You simply guide every decision you come upon to reach that goal… you consciously, purposefully create the life you seek. We, each of us contain the very potential needed to find our purpose and to become anything we desire.∞