Psychic Mark

psychic mark sandersWe were sitting on the porch last night and chatting about all things spiritual as usual. Mark was playing his guitar and I decided to interview him as I was curious about a few things having to do with his psychic work. Here is the story…

What do you like about working as a psychic?

“I tend to be more interested in aligning with the current life issues of people, as opposed to who may be coming in from the spirit world.”

What seem to be the most common questions or concerns your clients want to know about and seek clarity for?

“Relationships, employment and their life path. People trying to find their purpose, where they are from and where they are going… navigating their sense of self.”

Tell me about your Tarot deck?

“Well I have been aligning to the same deck for over 20 years. The art really speaks to me. I would define my relationship with the deck as symbiotic during a reading. The tool becomes an expression of the life of the quarant and world of the spirit coming together. I see the process of using the deck as a physical expression of an etheric connection.”

You use the Tarot deck intuitively, and do not use what the little booklet that comes with each deck says, correct? *giggles*

“Correct to a degree, I mean I read it, took what works for me from it and let that sit in the background somewhere… What I receive when I look at the artwork on the cards is an expression of an experience of what’s going on in their auric field and intuitively relay how the image relates to their life. It’s akin to reading the story of someone’s life as it unfolds. I do work with a spirit guide, and have worked with her for the entire 25 plus year span, and other guides as they see fit. They maintain the connection to the client as I work. I’m often greeted during a reading by a loved one in spirit. I was a medium before I started developing psychically.”

Why should someone come to you for a psychic reading?

“To receive an unbiased outside perspective about something that’s going on in their heart and to get to know themselves a little better. People can come to me for clarity and direction.”

How can one prepare to receive the best reading with you Mark?

Put that intention out before you ever arrive. Stay away from pettiness and don’t waste your reading on things that are not really important. Don’t ask me about fame, fortune or your demise. Be intelligent and understand that every moment of your life is a choice and an opportunity.”

I know that you work purely mediumisticaly when you do your Spirit Art Portraits…

“Yes, but that’s another interview.” *grins*

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