Psychics are not know it all’s.

Psychic-Fair-Canceled-1Expectation and outcome are often unrelated concepts. 

While I am a psychic I find it interesting how people assume that I can foresee my own future, or any future for that matter. Each of our gifts are unique. While some of us can play baseball on a professional level, not all baseball players have the same skill set. Some are pitchers, while others are first base, etc.

The same goes for psychics…

Some are more skilled at certain aspects of psychic abilities. These abilities are far reaching. Some psychics work with health issues, some with the art of seeing, while others deal with relationship issues. Just like some people focus on different aspects of a professional career, so do we.

Psychics are not fortunetellers. No one can tell you your future. They are different concepts. I am a psychic this does not mean I can see the future, I can get impressions of what is to come but I cannot tell you unequivocally what your future holds for you. I can tell you what the outcome will be if nothing changes in your path, but life is full of choices.

Choices determine where our future is headed… and you have free will. This means that if I tell you there is a thing coming you have the ability to change that outcome. Think of Morphious in “The Matrix” when he says to Neo, “I can show you the door, but you have to open it.” I can show you what is to come, but you have to make it happen.

Now, as a Medium… that is different as well, for spirit cannot violate natural law. Spirit cannot, and will not tell you what is to come. That would be an infraction upon your Akashic record, your Karma.

So, if you want to see a psychic remember that they can only tell you what is coming for you if you make what they see happen. Plain and simple, and as for our own life, that is a completely different story. We cannot see our own future, that too would violate natural law. So don’t assume that my life is lived with a constant foreshadowy air, where I am never faced with surprises or random upheavals of my own life, for I too occasionally need the advice of a psychic.

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