Purpose and meaning?

purpose meaning and contemplationPurpose… I think we all ask the question in varying degrees of “what is my purpose,” or “why am I here” many times throughout this lifetime. The time we have decided to spend here on earth, in this physical body, must certainly mean something, have a reason, be for some PURPOSE?  We as humans seek out answers to this BIG question, through studies of religion, philosophy, experimentation or just conversation with those we are drawn to.  We read books, take classes, buy courses and surround ourselves with the ideas and opinions of others in hopes that they might have “the” answer. Of course there has to be a purpose… a reason for being?  Some search for answers more insistently and feverishly than others, while some prefer to try and not think about it and feel more contented by ignoring it all together, or giving up their fate and reason to organizations. Why am I here, where did I come from, and what happens next seem to be universal human curiosities.

Here we are, on planet earth, going about our daily business in a physical body.  Some of our physical bodies are healthy some ill, some tall and some short, some pale and some dark. Blonde hair, red hair, green eyes, blue, two arms, one leg it’s all just the body. Our vehicle to work with in this life experience. Humans spend enormous amounts of time and money on pampering and adoring their physical-ness! It deserves the very best of love and care, but not glorification, adoration or excessive merit one may think, as it is the inside, the spirit, that truly must matter.

Then we get into the nitty gritty our human-ness, call it character, personality, or perhaps preference – extroverted/introverted, artistic or logical, passive/aggressive,  classical or Jazz, chocolate or caramel, modern or vintage? Ahhhh, glorious personalities and passions! These are the exciting nuggets of the human dimension and make us interesting or not, lovable or not and are what we strive to cultivate and grow.

Now let’s look at the opinions and groupings we struggle to place ourselves in to be a part of something larger than our singular selves as we cry out loudly to fit in! Shall I be Catholic or Lutheran, perhaps Amish or Sufi, maybe Wiccan or Atheist? Democrat or Republican, pro-choice or pro-life, vegetarian or flesh eater, the Pope or Eckhart Tolle, surely there must be a group I can align with to help define who I am and what my PURPOSE is? Go inward dear one, find your true self in your own acceptance and higher wisdom. Then seek out companionship and commonalities.

We do not remember our births into this experience or prior to it, and we do not retain the knowledge of our exits out of this incarnate and into the next…Why?

When those that we know and love leave this physical experience (die) many of us experience deep loss, sadness and grief. It is hugely important to us and affects us deeply, yet the rest of the world does not skip a beat, just continues on without a skip in momentum. The stop lights still direct people with red, yellow or green, people shop, eat, love and hate. The world does not change, only our small circle of perception. Replace your own fear of death with the acceptance and reason that we will all rebirth back into the spirit realm from which we came, as this is the continuity of life.

So what does this mean? We go through life believing that everything really matters, that our existence is huge and important, that decisions and interactions have powerful meanings. School, work, cars, homes, material achievements somehow place us on the A list of priority beings. We strive and struggle, we actually believe that we should follow “the” rules, and that mistakes are mistakes, and “good” is good, and that somehow there is judgment, gain and loss, and order?

What if none of it actually matters or if all of it in fact did? The truth perhaps lies in that statement. Whatever we believe matters and is important, is just that. We are here to allow ourselves to experience whatever it was we needed to experience. We are here to place our own judgments, opinions and values on ourselves too. However outside of the “self” and created space and perceptions of our very own self-made experience, it probably matters not. It is just an experience after all. Perhaps we spend too much time thinking and contemplating than actually just doing. That does not seem to be purposeful!

So for me, the purpose and the meaning of it all is not as significant as I had once thought. I shall try my very best to live as largely, fearlessly and boldly as possible. To live a heart-centered and heart- focused life with enormous joy. To experience as much as I can stuff into this particular time-frame, whatever that may be, with as much passion as possible.

Break a few rules, be brave and live and love hugely.

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