To understand ones’ purpose we must first understand the need for one to find ones’ purpose. We all have a purpose; most of us just simply believe our purpose is being fulfilled by the results of our actions, that what we manifest for ourselves is in turn showing us that our purpose is being fulfilled.

There are those in the world who believe their purpose is to serve a higher purpose, something larger than themselves. Then there are those among us who are virtually in opposition to that standpoint. To disprove, discount, ignore the idea of a higher purpose. In general any person who is looking to understand more of the world around them, to understand the great mystery is serving a purpose as well.

For the most part the masses are content to live out their lives believing that what is laid out in front of them as the world is taken at face value. Rarely looking beyond the common knowledge is becoming a thing of the past.

“There can be no more mysteries in the universe, our scientists are working on it, and so are our religious leaders. If anything interesting is found, I’m sure I’ll hear about it from the media.” ~An old friend.

This is a common thought process for most. Therefore it is only normal that we perceive our purpose is fulfilled, at least for those among us who even question our purpose. Our actions meet with rewards, and our life continues as we blissfully, blindly meander about our daily routines, ignorant of the changes going on around us.

Perhaps our purpose can be determined by the direction our hearts lead us? For most of us we look at what our heart tells us as secondary to what society shows us is important, the need for monetary gain and prestige… Power.

What purpose do they serve?

The self, if not then what?

Why can’t we simply change our perspective and ask?

“What can I do to serve others?”

To illustrate this concept let’s put into perspective for a moment the concept of self. An individual is encompassed within a shell of energy. We can only interact with our environment from this singular standpoint. If you reach your hand as far as you can without moving your feet that is the limit of the world you live in.

We are able to see items outside our sphere of influence; however, our ability to interact with these items is inhibited by the time it will take us to reach that particular item. When we interact with people through speech we extend ourselves beyond our inner sphere.

Think of yourself as a molecule of water. Your body becomes the Oxygen, and your sphere of influence, the reach of your arms is the electronic field within the orbits of your hands; the two hydrogen. The energy that bonds you to the remainder of the water around is the flow of electrons between atoms. The conversations and interactions we have with one another.

Energy is exchanged and the knowledge is absorbed. Flow, as conversations do, as water does, as our consciousness is as it floats along in this shell we live within. We cannot extend ourselves beyond our sphere of influence. Our consciousness is bound to our shell much as the Hydrogen atom is bound inside the confines of its’ Oxygen. The elements can be separated, and a release of energy takes place.

Much in the way the consciousness of a person is released upon death, the body is intended to return to the Earth, just as the Hydrogen and Oxygen do. The energy is passed on and is reused. The consciousness is then released, and is perpetually recycled as is every element on the Earth. There currently is no more or no less water present on the planet than has always been here since its creation. It is perpetually recycled, frozen, melted…

Definitively so, our purpose is greater than we think. We all have a purpose. Perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that your purpose is placed here at a specific time, to perform a specific function, at a specific point in the history of our people.

We are all here for a purpose…