Right to Die and the Afterlife

Someone asked the question;
“Does suicide affect you spiritually?”

Suicide and the afterlife

Every choice affects us spiritually. Each choice determines our path, and if our path leads us to a determination that we would be eased in our suffering by our own death when confronted with terminal illness, which will cause us to lose our quality of life before we lose our life, will undoubtedly effect us spiritually. 

The issue with the question ultimately, I believe, is the punishment/ reward system of orthodoxy. As I do not subscribe to orthodoxy in any way and am a confirmed medium and spiritual advisor, the understanding delivered to me from spirit says there is no such thing as a hell for suicides.

All are welcomed into the realm of the hereafter. All are equal in the eyes of creation and all have free will. To assume there would be a punishment for acting upon that free will would be inconsistent with pure love and light.

If you’re asking about judgments… I don’t believe in them. Not for myself, not for others, not for the creator nor the created. Good and Evil are perspectives not tangible items. They are concepts to illustrate duality. Creation simply is… with out judgments.

It is, we are and I AM.

Ending your life will result in experiences that will affect you spiritually as well as those around you. Each life is precious. Suicide, Assisted Suicide, Physician Assisted Suicide all need to be taken seriously and are ultimately the choice of the individual. The decision, in my opinion, is not mine to make… we should all have the right to choose and not be made to feel guilty by some cultural stigma.

One thought on “Right to Die and the Afterlife

  1. I like this article Mark! I would have to add that from my perspective a person need not be “terminal” to decide to die, after all, aren’t we all actually “dying” from the moment we are born? We should be allowed to make difficult decisions about our own physical bodies on all levels. I do think that “Big Religion” places guilt, judgement and shame on people about a great many things, but I guess that is for each individual to learn from in this life experience. Some may still even believe that suicide is illegal, it’s not. I think we should all live through our hearts and be there for each other in whatever capacity is needed and live and love in every moment. xoxo

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