Psychic Readings

Working psychically with clients allows us to tune in to what is going on in your life and in turn we help you find the answers to your questions. A psychic reading is between the reader and the sitter. Through the exchange of energy via conscious expansion of perceptive abilities. Extra Sensory Perception also known as ESP or Clairvoyance is simply an extension of the 5 physical senses.

Through study, meditation and practical exercises these senses Clarivoyance [clear seeing], Clarisentience [clear feeling], Clarigustance, [clear taste], Clairaudience [clear hearing], Clairalience [clear smell] can and do develope into the ability to sense what is happening through the exchange of energy. As a psychic we rely on these sense to help you to understand what you are perciving in your life in order to help you find your path and align with your purpose.