Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

A Vegan Lifestyle Coach works closely with YOU to help  set goals and make a plan for you to Go Vegan! What ever your reason for going Vegan, if it’s for the animals, for your health or for the planet, we can assist you in attaining your own Vegan Lifestyle. We can help you clean up your eating habits, clear out your animal products in your home and your wardrobe, talk about social situations and get you on the the path to truly live compassionately and consciously.

Our Get Real lifestyle form will help us get right down to your specific individual needs and or obstacles so that your lifestyle coaching time is well spent and beneficial to you.  We think it’s awesome that you have the drive to bring the awareness and mindfulness to create a life of compassion for a  better life for yourself,  the animals and for the planet.

A VLC cannot diagnose, treat, or otherwise attend to medical issues, illnesses, or conditions. We cannot act in lieu of a doctor, naturopath, dietitian, nutritionist, or other health care specialist. We cannot prescribe medication. 

There is much more that we can do for you than we cannot. 

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching provides the opportunity to take a look at your habits and figure out what is blocking you from embracing Veganism. We can show you how to change your patterns of Carnism that harm you, the planet & the animals.

The only way to go outward and expand is to go inward and explore.

Congratulations you made it this far on your journey. Once you’ve selected a package we will start by asking you to complete our “Get Real” ~ Lifestyle Evaluation Form, the first step in discovering your core values. Diet aside, Veganism is first and foremost about life and living. We will work together with you to help you achieve your goals on your personal journey. This intensive and comprehensive form will allow us to get to know your goals and obstacles so we can get right down to business and not waste your time or money.

After our review of your LEF we will meet with you via Skype or Phone, for an individualized consultation. Via Skype we can work together to assess exactly what is needed for the success of your goals and ways to implement them.

We currently have two packages:

  • The Vegan Way – $65.00
    This package is an introduction to the Vegan Way of life or a booster for those who need it

    • One hour of Skype or phone with us.
    • Two weeks of unlimited email contact.
    • You will  receive our guidance based on your “Get Real” assessment.
    • We will get to the core reasons you want to be vegan or  stay vegan, and together we’ll set you up for success in overcoming any obstacles you have encountered or will encounter on your path to Veganism.

  • The Vegan Life – $230.00
    An in depth dive into the core issues in maintaining the Vegan way of Life

    • 4 – One hour Skype or Phone sessions.
    • 4 – weeks of email follow ups, 2 per week.
    • You’ll receive our advice based on your “Get Real” assessment.
    • One week meal plan and evaluation.
    • In-depth guidance and support.

**We do offer discounted plans for those in financial difficulties-
just Contact Us and we can work something out!

Email  for  info, scheduling and availability.