Sleeping in Spirit, a simple exercise.

Where we go upon sleep is somewhat of a mystery.

Science tells us we reach a state where dreaming occurs and it is called the Alpha state. It is within this vibratory rate that we begin to co-create our life. We are attached through what has been called the Silver-Chord. It is the link between body-mind to the spirit. When we sleep, we shut down the conscious Mind and de-activate the Mind, Body, and Spirit trinity of being. We enter a place where our Mind and Spirit are connected without the need for a body.

This is where we exist at pre-birth and re-birth. It is the realm of spirit. The dream state is a necessary process for us to create our path. When we detach from the body, the mind and spirit become as one. We exist outside of time in this state, and we exist linked through the Silver-Chord to our physical bodies, while our spirit communes with our guides, teachers, loved ones and the voice of creation.

This relationship with our soul group is outside of time, so when it is stated that you plan your life out before you are born and re-evaluate it upon the re-birth, a nuance is missed. The planning of our life experience, exists as a continual connection through the dream state to discuss, evaluate, and plan as we go the lessons we choose to learn.

The overall experience of our life’s path is in essence the plan itself.

In this philosophy, we return to that state of continued existence every night when our body shuts down and our spirit returns home. Our mind interprets the plan as best it can through dream. Though the reality experienced in dream may be disconcerting, the imagery can and has been interpreted, re-interpreted, and reevaluated time and time again. In the now, it has come to the point that virtually none of us can understand what their dreams mean. This is because we are relying on someone else’s understanding of symbols in our dreams; this is in opposition to the individual’s unique perspective on what the symbols mean for themselves.

It is by seeing the relationship between our life path and dream state that we begin to see the ability to manifest what ever we desire. By taking the time before bed and focusing on connecting to source we can strengthen our connection and influence more readily the path we are intending to take. By maintaining a connection to spiritual truth and comprehension of source energy the individual can become more present and more active in manipulating the fabric of their life.

Manifesting your life is simply realizing that when you dream, and when you sleep, you are in essence returning home to spirit and planning your life’s journey. The concept of Deja vu is in essence, the body recognizing the mind, and spirit link has presented you a clear indication that you have arrived at a place in time and space that was the intention laid out in life planning state… sleep.

In order to become better connected with the planning of your life, pay attention to your intention as you begin the process of entering the planning state of being. Returning every night home is an experience that should be reviewed by all along a spiritual path. You enter this state with no intent and you lose a chance to alter your waking experience. By using the word “waking” it is intended to convey that the process is additionally a path to awakening as a spiritual being in your daily life.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

This idea should take on a new meaning when you put into context that you return home to spirit every night of your life. What a comforting experience to realize that your sleeping time is no more or no less important than your waking time. We are all experiencing the waking moments, but how many of us are experiencing our awakening moments?

As you go to sleep tonight and for nights into the future… pay attention for a short time, these themes then sleep:

  • What did I learn today?
  • How did I love?
  • Who did I influence?
  • Did they experience love?
  • How did I interact with creation?
  • Did I return its love?
  • Then take several deep breaths
  • Reduce your mind to a meditative state.
  • Clear the mind and fade into sleep.
  • Upon waking each day, write what you experienced.
  • Look at it at mid day.
  • Meditate on it for 15 min.
  • Complete your day.
  • Repeat ad infinitum…
  • Awaken…
You begin to see the outcome manifest in you life.
The road-signs become all in bold face.