So you’d like to talk to spirit?

The-Veil spirit-communication-sarasota-Did you hear, you could learn to talk to spirit for yourself?

Would it surprise you to know that you can?

You have just as much the ability to use this gift as any other. Some people choose to live their life in pursuit of becoming champions in a sport, while still others become lawyers, doctors, bankers, cops and robbers alike. Any one of us has as much potential to study and to become anything we choose to focus our energy on. I at some level decided I would learn to communicate with dead people.

I had a knack for learning less than popular topics like philosophy, mythology, and I always saw these waves of energy coming off of people in brilliant colors and sometimes saw them where there were no people. I could hear their voices mumbling in the background, and I always felt them milling about here and there. From time to time I could interact with them and eventually came to understand them as the phenomenon people call ghosts, or spirits. But I hushed, and kept it to myself for decades.

For me it seemed only natural that I would develop the ability to communicate with spirit, and one day I met a medium that showed me how. You see, it wasn’t enough to understand what I was experiencing; I needed to know what I was seeing was real and not just a figment of my imagination or as someone once called it… wish fulfillment. I needed to make the connection that what I was experiencing was real. I constantly doubted what I was seeing or feeling in regard to spirit. It was keeping me from being able to do something good for people.

I discovered that it was much easier than it had been made out to be by the media and religious communities. Much more basic and natural than we’ve been lead to expect. This veil, or curtain that separates us from those in spirit is much thinner than you’d expect and there is nothing to fear in their proximity. They’re just people. The people we loved, the people we have a heart connection with through our shared experiences and our shared lives. They are the ones that guide us and help us along our path in life.

It is a beautiful thing to learn to communicate with them. They love it when we talk about them in the present, and they are completely up to date with our lives. Time and space no longer have meaning, so when you thought you felt your grandmother kiss your forehead… you can trust that it was her.

Why learn to communicate with spirit? Because it frees you from the burden of loss and puts you in perspective with what to do with your life, and most of all… because it brings great joy to your life.

If you’d like to learn how to communicate with spirit for yourself, and live in the Sarasota, Florida area, Lori and I are teaching a class at Radiance of Sarasota on July 26th and August 2nd at 1:30pm, called Spirit Speaks where we will be teaching people how to connect with spirit for themselves, without the need for a medium.