Spirit, Dreams and Memory Lane

reflections and memories

Creating memories that bring joy and a smile to our faces is a pleasure and something we all intend on doing. When we think back to all the times we have shared with friends, family and loved ones our goal is to bask in the remembrances that warmed our hearts and the hearts of others. The photo to your left is one of my grandparents, Amy & Carl and their 35th wedding anniversary in Reedsburg Wisconsin. For some reason I remember this particular event like it was yesterday, I can even recall what the punch in the bowl tasted like, which is funny as sometimes I find it hard to remember what I had for lunch  yesterday! Doing little things to keep our memories close will also create a feeling of fullness in our lives.

Did you know that our loved ones in spirit like it when we keep their photos out and talk about them in the present tense?

For myself, sitting quietly and purposely recreating events, visually wandering back through places and faces, seeking out details and fine-tuning assists in connecting back to those places and people I experienced. I also ask my spirit guides,  to bring forth my loved ones so that we can reconnect  and explore our most memorable times together. I am always specific about who I desire to connect with and what I desire to learn, and grateful for all that happens.

Another way I have been working with spirit and revisiting parts of my life experience here is to put that intention out there before I go to sleep. Kind of a “I will see you in my dreams tonight and we will have a wonderful time” kind of thing. This is actually a very common and easy way for our loved ones to check in and connect with us.  I absolutely love all the amazing rendezvous I have with loved ones in spirit.  It’s like getting to have life experiences 24 hours a day!! I always remind myself to tell myself that I will remember my dreams vividly too.

When we work with our spirit guides and teachers and reconnect with those in the spirit world we  have the opportunity to  reduce or remove fear, find closure and clarity, and enjoy those who are no longer physically here. Both sides of life will benefit greatly.

  1. Sit in stillness and ask
  2. Put out photos and objects of loved ones
  3. Use your dreams for a spirit rendezvous
  4. Work with your spirit guides and teachers

Enjoy your spirit connection and reflection time!

Lori xoxo

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