Spirit filled season.

With all of us we carry the love and connection to those who have passed into the realm of spirit before us. The touch of their hand is akin to the touch of their spirit that reaches out to us during this season. This holiday is a time to remember and reflect as well as rejoice and embrace the love of kinship both from here and the here after. Take time this season to reach out and embrace all to whom you love.

As you go about your day, take the time to smile, smile hugely and fill yourself with wonder, with all that is. Notice and embrace that flicker of warm sunlight, or the glisten of a snowflake, the sound of a child or the scent of a flower.  Be aware of the living energy that surrounds you, here and in the non-physical, feel it, embrace it fully. Life is about connections and love. Give of yourself, read someone a story, write someone a letter, talk your pup for a walk… give freely of yourself to all that you encounter.

Though you may not see them, we know you feel them. Acknowledge the presence of your loved ones in spirit. They are with you all along reaching out to you, and sending their wishes. Guiding you along your path like a lightpost along the way. You are surrounded by their essence. Listen to them. Let their spirit fill your heart this season as you reach out to them, reach out to each other and feel the true spirit of the season.

Enjoy and live fully in each and every moment.