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Village Ireland familar with Dorian
This is what I see- where Dorian was from. A very “familiar” place!

I work with my doorkeeper guide Dorian, as a team, to bring your loved ones and friends who have made their transition back to spirit. Together through one or all of the “claires” we “chat” with your person or people and deliver their messages and evidence to you. There is a dialogue that happens much as any dialogue between two people. Our conversation is comfortable and relaxed. Those in the spirit is as excited about connecting with you as you are with them!

The doorkeeper guide, or gatekeeper as they are sometimes referred to, is your primary guide that you have generally had with you since birth. This guide may be  someone you knew before and made a contract or agreement with to work with you in this incarnate. The doorkeeper guide almost always comes in on the right side of your body, and you will feel, hear, see him or her, or all three with this connection growing stronger the more you sit with him/her and work together. This main guide that aides in the reliable communication between the two worlds can sometimes change. Once in awhile we “outgrow” our doorkeeper, or they may move on. As with anything in life, change is welcome if needed and beneficial.

This guide also determines who will get to come forward to speak with you during messages. He, or she is the guide that works with the communicator (your loved one) and tries to get clear information. Remember not all communicators are good at connecting with us!

I have grown exceptionally fond of and close to my guide Dorian. In the beginning of this journey I could feel great warmth and him lightly touching the right side of my face, almost like a cob-web feeling, along with a purple/violet sphere of light. As we continued to connect he showed me what he looked like physically and then his name was given to me. Now we are at the point that I can quickly drop in, and he immediately becomes present.

To begin to work with this spirit guide, it is important to be able to still and quiet the mind enough to notice their presence. Close your eyes, breath, and gently ask for them to come closer. In your mind tell them of your desire to know them and work with them, and then allow yourself to believe that this is absolutely possible and will happen. Sit with them daily and start a dialogue. Ask them to send you a colour, an image, to place the image of a gift in your hand. Tune in and tune up your senses… what are you hearing, seeing, feeling,smelling, pay attention! Find out their name, who they are, etc.

Continue to ask questions and certainly show gratitude for your developing relationship.

Enjoy the journey !


UPDATE – A lady, aka MaLady stepped in beside Dorian quite some time ago and works with him to create optimal scenarios for communication.

2 thoughts on “Spirit Guides Doorkeeper Gatekeeper

    1. In my understanding a doorkeeper or gatekeeper guide is one you have made an arrangement with prior to re-emerging back into the physical world to assist in keeping your communications with the spirit world in order and flowing. This particular guide acts as the coordinator between the two realms. 🙂

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