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Spirit, Love & Connection October Newsletter

Click to play, beautiful!Aging gracefully in a changing world.

From the moment we open our eyes to the time we close them is a single moment. There is beauty in all we have the unique privilege of experiencing here on planet Earth. Each and every instance of memory is precious, though only a blink in the expanse of the cosmos. Our residency here on this tiny blue spec of dust in the vast universal sea of time is a finite moment in an illusion called time.
We live, we grow, and we die in but a blink. Only to return one day to spirit and as such, time goes on… as does our spirit. With so many wildly varied opportunities to experience here, only you have the unique privilege to live your life. So take time each day to express your appreciation for your existence, for all that you love, for your life.
Each breath we take is a miracle. Each person we know is a blessing. And every life we touch is our privilege.  Take time to reflect, but not to dwell on your past. Take time to plan for the future, but do not get lost in worry. Express love and compassion for all forms of life, and do not arbitrarily dismiss that life because it is not human.
Compassion is a guidepost for the life we live. It is the cornerstone of ethical behavior. And as we grow, and as we age, we attain wisdom of the life lived. It only makes sense that there would be something more beyond the expanse of our physical existence. We are all a part of this vast expansive universe, and though forgotten as generations pass into spirit our light shines on within the collective consciousness of creation. Every moment and all the glorious phases and stages of your experience are there for growth and progression, honor them.
We are that creation, please… enjoy creating it. 

Spirit Speaks
A Spiritual & Mystical Conversation

Explore the realm of spirit and the mystical while expanding your consciousness with spiritual educators Lori Marshall & Mark Sanders. Learn about mediumship & spirit communication, intuition, explore ESP, the 5 Clairs, angels, NDE’s and much, much more.
In this ongoing group conversation we will explore various topics. In each segment we will all share information, techniques and activities designed to expand your life experience. We’ll be exploring the realm of the paranormal, the afterlife, consciousness, and all things metaphysical.

ALL are welcome!
Radiance of Sarasota

Starts October 12th and continues on 2nd Sundays
1:30 – 3 pm   Appreciated  $5 – $10 Donation

THE Conversation

Heartfelt chats on stuff that matters!

This discussion-based group meets once a month to discuss topics like relationships, gratitude, dying, world events, manifesting abundance, popular authors and much more! We all want to be heard, to share, and to seek that feeling of community.
Let’s get together and talk about real life matters and how to live the lives we truly desire. Come enjoy a safe and empowering space where we share our difficulties and triumphs so we can all help each other learn to live a more fulfilled and connected life.All are welcome!
Radiance of Sarasota

Starts October 23rd  Continues on 4th Thursdays
7:30 – 9 pm Appreciated $5 – $10 Donation

What to do… Before you die.

We all die, whether expectedly or not. Death is a part of life.
Proper planning creates a powerful opportunity for the end-of-life to become a time of peace, closure and even healing for you and your loved ones. We will learn about, talk about, and make decisions about a wide range of issues related to death from traditional customs to modern options.
It’s a practical workshop, with activities, worksheets, resources and projects to help you prepare while embracing the reality of your mortality. Participants will receive a checklist and packets of information; instructional worksheets and packets of information; instructional worksheets and valuable resources to help you get what you need completed and  the peace of mind to do it.
You will also get our web-link with a plethora of resources for every aspect of death,dying and thought provoking articles/videos we have selected from around the web.
We’ll do a few fun projects to get you ready to face your own mortality! This 3 hour workshop will give you some peace of mind about death while creating a more mindful way to do life

  • Financial matters
  • Organ donation
  • How to have the death you desire
  • How you would like to be remembered
  • Plan your funeral arrangements, charities, etc.
  • Health Care Issues, Opinions and Options
  • Personal Communications with Your Family and Friends
  • Your thoughts & feelings about death & dying
  • Personal Effects
  • Required End-of-Life Paperwork (Medical and Legal)
  • Your “BUCKET LIST”
  • Create your forever memorials
  • What are your spiritual beliefs?

This Continuity of Life workshop is presented at:
Radiance of Sarasota

Sunday October 26th  1:30 – 4:30 pm  $30 per person
RSVP Is required to reserve your seat.

marshall-sandersConnect with us!

Make an appointment, sit with us, sip some tea and relax. Skype or phone sessions are also available and are of equal quality. We are a happy couple working together as Mediums, Intuitive Life Coaches, psychics, spiritual educators, and published authors. We are here to support you in grief,  joy and understanding the continuity of life. Our services offer you guidance to enhance, embrace and empower your life’s current journey and experience. We look forward to connecting with you! If you would like to book us for an event or private gathering please contact us. Learn more about what we offer!

Death CafeWelcome to Sarasota Death Cafe

At Death Cafes people drink tea & coffee, eat cake and discuss death. Our aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives.
As Death CafeFacilitators we have had the joy and privilege of participating in 6 gatherings with lovely people! Death Cafe’ has no agenda, it is a loving and safe space where people join together and an amazing and important conversation happens!For more info about this  bi-monthly event – Sarasota Death CafeDeathCafe.com  or  read the terrific front page Sunday Tribune article.Our next Death Cafe is October 18th at 1:30- 3 pm. Our October 4th DC is full!

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