Spirit Speaks Class in Sarasota

Spirit-Speaks-Connections-Questions-Answers-Continuity-of-Life-Mediumship-for-Personal-DevelopementSaturday July 26th & August 2nd, 1:30 – 3:15 pm $20 per class
@ Radiance of Sarasota

Spirit Speaks
Connections, Questions & Answers 

Join Spiritual Educators & Professional Mediums, Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders in this intensive and unique learning experience. Discover your personal relationship with Self and Spirit to develop your own natural abilities. You’ll benefit from the experience of 2 working mediums with a lifetime of experience teaching you their methods to  develop your ability to see, feel, hear, and sense the presence of spirit, and allow your skills to create a better life.

In these 2 classes you will expand your experience and learn how to:

  • Quiet the mind and become present
  • Expand your consciousness using your observing mind
  • Sharpen your six clair senses
  • Tune into your guides, teachers, higher-self
  • Connect with your own loved ones in spirit
  • Open the door to powerful guidance that will help you create a meaningful and magical life.

In each session you will use tools to enhance your intuition, open to your psychic awareness, tune into consciousness and live a more heart centered life. You will experience practical exercises, techniques, and games designed for good solid connections and mind expansion.

Who should take these classes?

  • Anyone desiring more direction, connection and confidence in their life
  • Those seeking to expand their awareness and consciousness
  • Everyone desiring to apply connections in their life to something larger then self.

Lori and Mark teach in a casual “living room” style atmosphere that is both comfortable and personable. At the end of each session we open up for questions and answers to assure clarity and understanding.

Come and take part in this innovative way of learning how to create beneficial connections for your daily living!