Spirit Speaks Questions & Answers

Bird-of-ParadiseThis is going to be fun… and beneficial!

As many of us already  know, your loved ones, friends, guides and teachers in the spirit world do like to communicate with us still residing on the earth plane. They like to communicate with us, sometimes for our guidance and lessons, and sometimes for acknowledgement and growth for themselves. Remember, just because someone has  made their transition back home to the world of spirit, does not mean they are finished learning and growing as a spiritual being! The soul energy never dies and is in perpetual progression. Our acceptance and responsiveness to the many that continue to have interest in us is very beneficial for all concerned!

Email us or ask below with a question or concern regarding the spirit realm, mediumship, healing, and life, and we will give you our thoughts, and or thoughts and responses from those in spirit. Please keep your questions to a “spiritual” nature, and genuine.

We will answer directly, and or post responses anonymously (first name only) here on our website – check back often! 😛

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