Stop and smell the flowers

stop and smell the flowersWe like to wake up with the sun some Saturday mornings and walk a few blocks to  the Farmers Market. We always enjoy the sounds, smells and all the bursts of color and aromas  from the fresh organic produce, and food vendors. Of course the interesting people and their often precocious and exuberant  pups are always a highlight of the stroll. There is something wondrous about watching expressions and interactions of people as they explore and experience an event, as well as  their pooches. And we ALWAYS have our camera with, ready and shooting!

 Stop and smell the flowers. We are all familiar with its meaning, which is, to take time to appreciate a situation or slow down and pay attention to what is going on around you. Although a widely used cliché how many of us actually take the time to notice our lives? To basque in it’s beauty, or to sit quietly with an experience that enters our day?

We are continually stimulated by a barrage of sounds, sights, smells and energy flow that can become a big blur or become a tantalizing playground of sensations depending on the way we respond to it all. As a big advocate for trying to live moment by moment and embracing each “now”, we will often just stop, sit and breath at many intervals throughout each day. We love to get sensory with it, and it is always great when we notice the extra vibrancy things project when one truly notices and experiences all that comes into ones moment! The birds sing louder, the flowers vibrate with sensational new colours, and the whole energy flow of existence penetrates every cell.

Go ahead… give it a whirl. Stop, sit and breathe in the flowers, and every amazing thing that dances  with you in your life experience. Become awake and enjoy!

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