Table Tipping

table tipping seanceI would like to update this post. It has been a year now since our particular group has been sitting regularly working on the physical mediumship of table tipping and trumpet work. We have incorporated new tables we affectionately named Wendy and Winnie, and occasionally grab a different trumpet. Sometimes we have two tables going at once, other times we focus on the one depending on directives from spirit and the number of participants. We have had new sitters come in and experience the phenomenon which has generally not disrupted the flow.  Our spirit teams that work with us also bring in “students” from their realm to learn the ropes. Sometimes we have five, sometimes twelve and they let us know by the number of raps on the floor with the leg of the table. As with anything else, this work improves with frequency and active participation. We know and have been told that it is imperative to set the intention long before entering the room to work, and have the “knowing” that the best results possible for the night  will be achieved.

We still have not had levitation of the table or the trumpet at this point. The table runs the room, goes in circles often abruptly switching direction, does long and graceful one leg pirouettes, dances, hops and bows. When there is a joke or something the spirit team finds amusing, the table rocks back and forth as if laughing.

We will continue to work with table tipping and trumpet mediumship and eventually both will fully levitate. Until then, our connections get stronger and the work is beneficial to all in both realms.

First Published on: Jan 23, 2013 @ 13:59

We had a good session last night at our weekly table tipping and trumpet mediumship circle! We meet every Tuesday for about an hour and a half and work our wonderful table “Woody” and our trumpet, and have been doing so for over 6 months.

As usual, Woody ran us all around the room and then decided to spin two of us in circles until I was sufficiently dizzy! We then were graced with our question and answer time, and received really good and valid input from spirit through the table.  Woody will confirm with us prior to question period what his “Yes” response will be (deep tip forward towards me) as well as his “No” response (turn to the side and back) in the case of last nights session. He will also bounce forward in laughter, and dance around hopping from leg to leg.

When we have exhausted our questions for Woody, we place the trumpet on the table and  allow the energy to build through it.  The energy working through the trumpet is much denser and of a more serious nature than the table. We have been able to get the trumpet to walk the table, spin around and move in a large vortex thus far. Every session is a delightful work in progress!

Our circle consists of six regular and dedicated people, and we occasionally invite a guest or two to sit so they can have the experience which is always very enjoyable for all.

Table tipping reached the height of its popularity in the late 1800s, and was a common and popular past time during the Spiritualist era. Today Table Tipping and Trumpet mediumship is done primarily  in small circles as a form of physical  mediumship.

Here is a fairly well done page/site regarding types of Mediumship. This site also has a very good selection of free downloadable ebooks regarding mediumship, etc.