The 7 cycles of the 7 chakra

As an exploration of the developmental cycles of a human, this essay illustrates how certain character traits manifest at specific intervals in life. It focuses on the philosophy that every seven years humans […]

Suicide and the afterlife

Right to Die and the Afterlife

Someone asked the question; “Does suicide affect you spiritually?” Every choice affects us spiritually. Each choice determines our path, and if our path leads us to a determination that we would be eased […]

Now moments memories

Moments to Memories

I awoke this morning earlier than usual as that particular blue was beginning to illuminate the sky and allowed my mind to stay in that half dreamy state, that delicious and often mysterious […]

lori marshall medium

Gratitude Exercises

A friend of mine named Su on Facebook invited me to do a 5 day gratitude exercise. My first thought was, “wow” I am grateful that I popped into her head!” and then […]

live life do not judge

How to UNlearn and Be Authentic

I could care less… but I don’t, I care a lot. I am one of those people that throughout life has always sided with the so called “under-dog”, you know, the person that […]


The Conscientious Life

What is conscientiousness, and what is the conscientious life? First of all let us define conscientiousness as the personality trait that is defined as being thorough, careful, or vigilant; it implies a desire […]