Team Spirit Art Reading

He feels wet to me.
He feels wet to me.

We have to buy  more tissues…

It was a beautiful morning. We had spent the evening in circle and attuning, and as the time for the reading drew closer we could both feel her people arriving. Shortly after they got here, she did too.

So we all sat down and exchanged pleasantries, then the work begins…

Mark ~ The moment my pencil hit the page I felt wet. Like I was in a deluge or under water. The face starts to take shape as I am impressed with a life around big city buildings. My feelings were of someone who spent a life in service, perhaps a police officer as I was seeing him wearing a hat cloaked in a rain slicker like you would see in New York City. He felt a little distant in time. Old world feel with this chap, like he would be in his 90’s now.

As I worked Lori chatted with our client about 3 ladies.

Lori ~ At once there was a trio of ladies standing together closely, and one stepped forward wanting to speak first. She defined her physical appearance and demeanor and had a few words to say to her niece. Then mom stepped in and talked about an area of the country they had grown up in, described her physical body and also gave her daughter a few thought-provoking words. Lastly, the other aunt stepped in with abounding energy. This woman was the life of the party, very chatty and absolutely insisted on being impeccably groomed most of the time while on earth. She wanted to express to her niece that life was to be lived largely and with great gusto, and that she should perhaps start expressing herself in a big way. Yes, this aunt was quite certain that our client had words of wisdom to share and much to do! I was also shown a bunny and jelly beans, Easter time. Yes, the one aunt had made her transition at Easter time and was very vivacious!

Mark ~ When I finished my sketch I explained that which I had felt, though she couldn’t place him just then. So we moved on to a Tarot reading and left the wet man be for a spell.

The reading progressed as Lori sat and focused on our client. The cards explained things about her life and revealed some deep emotional concerns which she was needing to face. It was a relationship reading, as we moved into a distancing in time and a separation of heart, much turmoil was revealed in her wanting to let go, and not of someone. These inner conflicts were preventing her from moving on. This beautiful woman has a heavy heart. Is surrounded by love but feels unappreciated within it all.

Lori ~ I sensed a man put his arm around her and move into her very closely. My first impression was that it was a brother, then I noticed attention being drawn to my ring finger on my left hand. A wedding band appeared there and I felt inclined to spin and turn it on my finger. “Husband”, he said, with so much love and caring. He impressed that he had not wanted to leave, had left sooner than expected and that one really can’t plan these things. Stuffed animals and flowers, yes his wife deserved these things. He kept taking me to there bedroom and focusing on the bed, the nightstand and the pillows. Something about a book, and reading fiction and perhaps writing. The “book” seemed important. As it turns out the husband had spent much of his last times in that bed, and he wrote his biography and thoughts which became a bound and loving book for his children. He let her know that he is up to date with her, glad to not be in the deteriorating body now, and that he is learning how it all works. He also expressed surprise at how it really is now as he was not a believer in such things.

I was was informed from what felt like her father that the man Mark had drawn was her dad’s brother and that there is a B&W photo of him for her to find to help her clarify the drawing.  Our client confirmed that her  uncle is in spirit and that he had actually drowned.  Yes, there is a B&W photo of him and that the only living sister is in her 90’s and should be very comforted by the fact that her brother came in and is doing ok!

We all sat afterwards and talked which was very rewarding. She revealed all the relavant aspects and some details about what she had received which were meaningful to her. We felt privileged to have shared the time together with this lovely lady, her spirit people and our spirit people. The whole purpose of mediumistic readings is to aspire to bring through hope, love, comfort and meaning. It always feels amazing and wonderful to be of service.

These sessions reveal so much to people, they help with some of their grief. But most of all, they show us that there is nothing to fear about death. They also show many people that there is less to worry about in their life than they realize. And as we help people through some of the toughest things that they can imagine enduring in their life, inevitably tears are shed.

We have to remember to buy more tissue.