Fusha Del Mar

“Thinking of you and Mark. You gave me a stronger connection to my spirit guides that made things crystal clear. Our relationship continues to develop, and my random readings for others have even surprised me. I hope to one day be as open and wise as you so that I can help people even more. I feel as though in a way you blessed my spiritual, art/writing creativity, and psychic mediumship. The details you gave me were nothing that could have been known, and it affected my whole family. We were so much more disconnected before that time. That first reading was a day that was a turning point in my life; I was able to let go of any confusing, abandoned, or angry energy that I still had a little bit left deep down. You both are truly amazing and I also started doing tarot card readings on a regular basis for friends and such. I am very blessed to have met you when I did. I had always wanted to have a reading done, but I’m glad that I waited for so long to do it. I wasn’t ready then, but now I know that it’s time to go forward, and not fear, because I’m never alone.”