The Conscientious Life

What is conscientiousness, and what is the conscientious life?

First of all let us define conscientiousness as the personality trait that is defined as being thorough, careful, or vigilant; it implies a desire to do a task well. So a conscientious life would be the thorough, careful, and diligent manner to live life from a desire to do well in the world. To be a “better” person, and to lead by example of how we want to create a world that is a “better” place.


Though we know that in the grand scheme of things “good” and “bad” are judgments, we can and must look at the world from a practical, individual basis. We have to because we too are individuals, who cannot by definition be anything but. However, as spiritual beings, we know that there is more to it than just the mere aspect of our individual lives. We know that our conscience beingness is connected to and a part of all that is. So, being a being of conscience is the process by which we live that conscientious life.

When we live in a non-judgmental manner governed by that spiritual sense that comes from being connected to all and act toward others in the world from that moral standpoint; we are living conscientiously. It’s the sense of right and wrong and how it guides or governs how we act toward the world. In essence it is simply paying attention to our conscience. It is truly living within the golden rule, to treat others how we would want to be treated.

This process is generally something one would think is our truest nature, but we find that unless raised in an environment where this learned trait has been practiced, it is not. It is I suppose in essence the way the enlightened act in the world, the spiritual teachers, and gurus that we all wish we could be like. But usually don’t. Some may even go so far as to emulate their visage but not their essence, proclaiming themselves teachers when in action they are in it for the “wrong” reasons.

The conscientious being would never give themselves over to greed; for they know that is the ultimate expression of ego, of selfishness as opposed to selflessness. The conscientious would not fall victim to much of what the world calls “sin” because it would serve no truly “good” purpose. When living your life in this manner you would look at every day as a chance to better yourself, and the world.

I think Gene Roddenberry had a great idea when he created the Star Trek universes most basic principle, that in the future humanity would act toward the world from a place where we work for the betterment of all, as a unified planet free of the need for monetary reward and ephemeral possessions. This is a good foundation for living a conscientious life. But just a foundation, it’s up to us to build the house.

What he and as far as I know all guru have subscribed to this very same principle; Live a conscientious life… be the example for the world you would like to create, and create a world that is beneficial to all, for all, and of all.

… at least, that is what this seeker has found.