The Journey of a Soul

An Allegory of Study c 1649 Salvatore Rosa Ringling Museum Sarasota
An Allegory of Study c 1649
Salvatore Rosa
Ringling Museum Sarasota

A flash of memory as vivid as any other with only one difference…
I am not me. 

I am someone else, I see details in the face. I remember the quill in my hand as I write and the light of the candle warms my soul. I feel a tear well up as I am taken back to a life I once knew. The fire in his eyes are the fire in mine own. Who am I if not me? The face is a reflection of myself, as much as the one I see in the mirror and I look deep in my eyes. The recognition is uncanny and the feelings keep me entranced every time I walk by this masterpiece.

I knew this life… and the memories as real to me as any from the moments within this life.

This is not the only moment of past recognition I have had. I am a firm believer in reincarnation as I have clear memories of many of my moments as other facets of the diamond of my soul. I am an eternal being, as are you. We may experience different incarnations bound together through life, death, birth and rebirth. To many to count, but why I ask?

Why do I remember them with such clarity?

Often I asked myself if it were just my imagination, but imagination and memory are two different perspectives. One is etheric and intangible, the other… I can smell the air, I can feel the warmth of the candle, the quill in my hand the hat on my head and the coat on my back. I can almost make out the face of the artist in the dim light as he lays on layer after layer of oil on canvas behind me and I remember.

But why? Why would we have life after life? I always come back to the nature of the universe and of the soul. Expansive is experience. With each moment my life goes on, memory expands and experience flows into wisdom. With each passing life my soul expands, the wisdom comes with and a new experience bodes into my soul. I become more with each passing moment, as I become more with each passing life.

We know there is not an end to the soul, as it is the energy that ambulates our physical form. This energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply is. And being such it can only transform. From one life to the next we change, we grow and we experience a karmic reality that expands our soul with each passing moment.

As I look back and transcend past the blindness before this life I see these lives unfold as memory comes to bear on my moment. I learn from these memories much as I learn from reflection on this life, I find peace in the understanding that I have been here before. I will be here again and I have no fear of death. For I know I have been there before. The essence of the experiences if this life create the me that I am just as the experiences of the lives I have have given me the wisdom to choose my path in this life.

So as I see this man of me looking through time at my self I know that as I study this “Allegory of Study” I know we are all one.

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