The nature of intuition

PositivePeopleWhen we are born, we are helpless except for a few minor instincts. Human beings need  to be shown how to survive, but no one needs to show us how to suckle. We just know; it is hardwired, so to speak, into our brain. We do know to do certain things. We are intuitive creatures. We are all born with certain traits and abilities that are rarely practiced.

The lamb is born with the ability to stand shortly after birth, while the humans lay helpless in a crib. For the animal we call that knowing… instinct, but for the human it is known as intuition.  It is experienced in many ways, sometimes as a gut feeling or when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck that chill you feel running down the spine that shows us that somehow we just know something.

We tend to know it when our mother is going to call us, or is thinking about us at a great distance. Sometimes we feel an urge to turn left or right, and we usually play down the importance of events that are actually quite profound and and call it a coincidence or a fluke. In all reality we should be paying even closer attention to these moments, for they are the clarity of vision and foresight all human beings experience as intuition.

The true power of intuition lies in paying attention to that inner voice and learning how and when to trust it. You develop it by experiencing the clear vision (clairvoyance) your higher consciousness gives you. The human body is hard wired for intuition. We even have an organ that is uniquely qualified to be the source of our intuition, the Pineal gland. It is a tiny pine cone shaped gland in the middle of our skull. It’s purpose has been known by cultures throughout history.


The Ancient Egyptians most notably, knew about it’s purpose and wrote about its abilities on their monuments. They Eye of Horus, as it was known, gave people the ability to see beyond sight, to see clearly, clairvoyance as it is now known. And it was our connection to the Gods. Descartes referred to it’s ability to process information of the world around us for the brain. This ability of the Pineal to discern the world applies to both the physical and the nonphysical world. When it is working properly it is also the seat of our intuition. It can be trained to “see” more clearly… clairvoyance.

Working with Intuition.

There are many ways to enhance your ability, to tune your intuition and to develop your ability to intuit things about what choices to make, what direction to take your life, and to help you live a more fulfilled/ heart filled life.

One of these is to detoxify the Pineal gland itself. Things we do every day have an effect, positive or negative on how our physical body influences our spiritual being. What we take in to our body feeds and fuels the vehicle. The better tuned it is the more likely we are to experience intuition, try this for a while and see what happens:

  • Drink non-fluoridated water and eliminate fluoride tooth paste (both of these are known to calcify the pineal gland)
  • Eat less meat and processed food (the pineal is sensitive to these)
  • Turn off the electronics (known to disrupt and distract our minds)
  • Meditate (this stimulates the pineal, giving us deeper spiritual experiences)

Surround yourself with positive people, they stimulate our intuition in positive ways. Educate your spirit and surround yourself with positive intention to keep your Pineal healthy, tapped in, and turned on!

“I regard intuition as a basic psychological function that mediates perception in an unconscious way. Intuition enables us to divine the possibilities of a situation… intuition is one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling.” ~ Carl Jung

Intuition comes from the Latin word “intueri” which means to look inside, or to contemplate, it is the ability to acquire knowledge from within.

Extra-sensory perception or (ESP) and multi-sensory perception (MSP) and intuition are the same thing allowing us to see more than we can with the five senses.

We all have this ability, we all have MSP/ESP because we are all one… therefore oneness is our natural state of being.

Intuition is “a process by which information, knowledge or feeling, normally outside the range of cognitive processes is sensed and perceived in the body and mind – positively or negatively – about something distant or yet to happen. “ Institute of HeartMath

The biggest difference between 5-sensory perception and multisensory perception: The 5 senses require you to pay attention to what is outside of you. Intuition requires that you pay attention to what is happening within.

How to Develop and Honor Your Inner Voice

1. Create space,  just 15 minutes a day of sitting and focusing on your breathing and going inward. Quiet the mind.

2. Expect it, check in with yourself, thoughts, your vibes. Ask the questions you want answered.

3. Employ your subconscious when you sleep.

3. Trust it, develop a relationship with it. Write down your intuitive moments and watch for validations and evidence.

4. Act on it. Honor your intuition by being responsive to what you receive.