The Non-Existent Universe

Believe-Continuity-of-Life~ By Mark Sanders:

So I was reading this article in Forbes today about how our universe shouldn’t exist, and I was perplexed. I know right… ? So our universe shouldn’t exist. I’m taken to a sentence in the article “…the only option to explain why we’re still around to wonder about the origins of the Universe is if there is some other process going on that scientists have yet to discover.”

Something else going on ehy?

What could that possibly be? I wonder… Perhaps, with all the science that is going on lately showing that we are more in error of our thinking than we had ever expected, what if we’ve got it ALL wrong? I’ve read recently that our consciousness cannot be completely explained by science. The report said that the jury is out as to weather the brain creates consciousness, or if “there is something else going on” What if the brain is in essence receiving consciousness not created by?

If the brain is a receiver then it would certainly raise the question as to just what it is receiving. The answer to this is initially consciousness of course, but then what is consciousness? Can we accept it as our awareness of the universe in which we live? Look at it this way, our brain takes input from the world around us with the 5 physical senses and as a result our consciousness responds to and acts upon that awareness, thus creating our individual perception of reality. The real world is just as it was stated in the Matrix as “just electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” Our consciousness is that part of us that retains the essence of the experiences we have had and thusly chooses which direction to take with our life. We choose, quite literally, what life we want to have.

So, now we add to this whole mix “The Law of Attraction.” What you put out to the universe the universe gives it back. What if this concept is fundamentally true for how we create not only our life but our entire universe? Suppose that the universe reacts to our intentions. If we continually tell ourselves that we are unworthy, the universe gives us more opportunity to show just how unworthy we believe we are.  And transversely if we continually reaffirm for ourselves that we are successful, the universe gives us the opportunity to be successful.

What you believe your life to be is what your life becomes.

You have every opportunity to be or do anything you want to with your life.

If we accept the premise that the universe does not exist in its smallest form, it can help us to understand better how to create the world we want to have. When we look at the quantum physics shown by the identification of the Higgs Boson, we see that the unifying field is a field of pure potentiality. Potential energy is energy at rest. We learn this in elementary physics. Every thing that is at rest has potential to become something else, it is our intention that guides the action that produces results. The rock will remain where it is unless acted upon by an outside source. That outside source for our individual potential is our intellect, our consciousness, our soul. It is that part of us that decides what to do with the form of our body.

When I speak of forms, I am referring to the Platonic understanding that each object that we see consists of basic geometrical shapes. These shapes can and do take on recognizable forms. If I refer to a table you will understand my reference even though I am not describing the table in any specifics. You produce a mental understanding of the form of the table, a car, a box. These are all simple examples of form. When authors embellish forms in story they give us other forms to describe the table in general terms. People do need to know specific details about the form to know what someone is talking about.

Our body, the form of which is particular to our consciousness, is unique. Yet the overall spirit of the form we are experiencing being a human in is divine. It is connected to the unifying field of consciousness that creates the universe.

So in essence, the universe is exactly how I have created it… from my perspective. Everything that was created by generations before me created the universe they experienced and passed that understanding of the universe on to me so I can create the universe for those that follow me. We are all creating the universe mankind intends collectively from our combined intention.

The universe does not exist, until we create it via our intention, based upon our experience of the universe that was created before we arrived.