The Reflective Soul

The-Reflective-Soul-Mark-E-SandersWe are, all of us, collectively creating the everyday world we experience with our senses. And we are creating this reality with an ineffable consciousness.

The Reflective Soul
thoughtfully examines the unifying idea that beyond judgment, preconception, observation and what we believe our reality might be lies this simple truth: everything each of us experiences is an altruistic expression of creation. We are intricately and eternally connected.

Our bodies and their earthly experiences are simply projections of our divine selves into the realm of what we perceive as reality. Ancient mystery schools, varied religious texts, anthropology, philosophy, mythology, quantum physics, metaphysics, near death experiences, mediumship, and prophetic realizations reaffirm that our consciousness continues after the change called death.

This book offers you an opportunity to reconnect with a deeper part of yourself that you only recently may have become aware. It is presented so that you may engage in a contemplative process that leads to a deeper understanding of the soul.

This book is about you, me… we.



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"The Reflective Soul" by Mark E. Sanders is a new book that takes us on a universal journey into spiritual oneness. Sanders explains that the body, mind, and spirit have emanated from the same Source of infinite energy, and therefore we are all bound together by the manifested light of our perceived reality. However, just because we are all aspects of the eternal light, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are all spiritually illuminated. Sanders posits that when we nourish the soul with divine wisdom; we can achieve illumination from within and move closer to the Source. Accordingly, our souls will continue evolving to higher levels of consciousness and thus, we will learn the meaning of coexistence, compassion, harmony, and balance.

Throughout the book, Sanders delights us with expressive drawings and photographs which underline the main themes within the book. He has also carefully chosen insightful quotations from some of the most spiritually advanced people who ever lived.

For those individuals who are searching for their purpose in life, this book can be used as an instruction manual. Sanders has encapsulated the timeless wisdom of the ages and has organized the most essential topics in a cohesive thesis. "The Reflective Soul" is truly a book for everyone. Sanders has a vision of spiritual unity which contains the common threads of wisdom that are found in most esoteric traditions. While reading the various chapters, don't be surprised if your intuition confirms the validity of the spiritual truths you are absorbing. Sanders is reminding you that life continues through various cycles of existence, and our consciousness continues to expand as we transcend each reality along the way. So, here’s a wonderful guide that is pure nourishment for the "reflective soul." ~ Bob Waxman The Open Center Sarasota

A Sample Chapter "You Are Light"

You are Infinite.

You are a thought, in a place, filled with will, hope and dreams. You are the beginning and you are the end. Everything you have ever seen, everything you have ever thought exists perpetually within this moment. A perception is time, and within it we strive to understand the concept of I AM. So to understand it we ask ourselves:

Am I more than I AM?

You are in part, in essence, while figuratively and effectively, one with an ever-expanding universe. The point of the journey is to cross the point of understanding and progress on into unity. This is the order of the universe: Transcendence.

At the instant of creation, within the now there is but one. We are all experiencing this singular moment every day. We are all individual expressions of this unity. Through all of the diversity within creation, all are a bound together to form a single unity; a single universe and we are eternally interconnected. You are just as much a part of me as I am a part of the universe as the universe is a part of you.

We experience this universe in a vehicle made from the universe itself, as a singular consciousness known by some as the Soul. We are here manifest in a three part being expressed as Body Mind Spirit:

Being “me” through the contact
of something outside of "me.”

Being “me” as it is the center of “me”, the conduit
that connects “me” through creation.

Being “me” as I AM.
The part of the universe I originate from.

One creates two, becomes three as it recognizes itself within creation.

This is the first sequence of creation. One is created, with two comes balance, and upon the creation of a third comes the understanding of being one through the perspective of balance. Here we find ourselves within the concept of a trinity. Throughout time in references from around the world this number seems to signify creation. It’s meanings and instances are numerous. Wherever you look, you can find instances of it. And they all adhere to the idea that each of them though separate represents One.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The One, the Light, the Son.

Me, myself, and I.

You, me, we.

There are millions of symbolic and mundane references to it. Regardless of what faith you follow or don’t, there remain within all spheres of understanding, one simple underlying truth binding us all together. It is the simple fact that we are all made of the same stuff; the same atoms, the same animal, and the same spirit. The same energy, light, thought, but what separates us from each other is our lack of understanding of the creative force of the universe as it expands unity within infinite diversity. In order for the universe to understand itself, it must experience itself from all concepts of self. You exist within this physical, energetic, and conceptualized universe. You are only ONE form of self.

You add to creation and expand it with your essence. As you experience each moment and the nuances and beauty within this world, you expand creation and perceive this expansion as the illusion of time. When you read the written word and when you meditate, when you think and truly learn from and experience your life you fulfill your purpose.

What happens to us when we realize that we are more than we think we are? We begin to experience life for the first time. Unsheathed from the confines of the mundane world that lowers our energy and casts darkness upon our life. We rise above that and become active participants in creation. Our compassion expands and our joys become more profound, our woes become less pronounced and our roll in life becomes fulfilling where each of us plays his or her part in a story that has been carried on for eons ad infinitum.

We are the divine spark of the universe.

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