The sounds of the season.

Each year I am compelled to usher in the season of spring with some Vivaldi. There is something about the awakening of the flowers and the continual song of birds that reminds me to take a moment to take in the freshness of the air. There is beauty all around us and the more time we take to recognize it and to experience it the more it calms the soul and invigorates the spirit.

It is a time for new beginnings, a time for planting new seeds, and for rekindling our zest for life. Spring is here, so go outside, visit the beach, walk in a field of flowers, sit under a clear crisp nights sky after a new rain and become still in your moment. Relax once in a while this season and just be. Release the past years triumphs and tragedies  and welcome in the new experiences that life is presenting. Allow yourself to be at ease.

Let yourself rivel in the freshness of the season and allow it to rekindle your zest for life. Live in harmony with the cycles of the earth, they are the cycles of your life too. In the spring the earth is awakening after the long slumber of winter. Soon the day will be bright and new just like the summer and upon it’s end comes the evening of autumn and the long sleep of winter again. Let nature reveal its beauty in your daily life as you yawn and stretch your arms to welcome back the sun.

Spring is here… let it in.



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