There is no veil

NoVailI would like to impress and entertain the idea that there is no veil, no other side, no place that we have to reach out to… no division of “us” in the physical form, and “them” in the form-less. I am no longer comfortable trying to reach out to… raise my vibration to, and have to try to access a world that is on the “other side.”

Spirit.. those who no longer reside in a physical body on what we call the planet earth are here… right here, among us, not off in some far away place that can only be accessed by some and reached through some extraordinary means. When spirit does find a way to get through to their loved ones it is a wonderful accomplishment.

Unfortunately most people turn their backs on those we love who have moved on from their physical life. We have “hopes” and “faith” that we will meet up with them one day in some far off and unreachable place. Think of them and they will hear you and feel you.

I have heard and am impressed to believe that those that have left this physical form (died) are happy when we do NOT speak of them in the past tense. When we are able to happily acknowledge their lives, their being, in a present format.. not “he was” but “he is”, and happily acknowledge our time spent together in a positive and joyous way! Just because a loved one is no longer tangible in the flesh and physical sense does not mean that they are any less valid or important. Sit quietly and feel their presence.

Do understand that everyone you have ever loved, is available to you right here and now. They are not in the dimension of flesh and physical but they are still the “they” that you knew and loved.. the person that touched your heart. The purpose of living in this incarnate is to grow, to love, to experience all one can and to ascend to the knowing that this “life” is perfectly complete and wondrous.

Embrace every opportunity to say “hello and I love you” to those that are no longer here in the earth body, and all that you meet everyday.  Remove the potential of fear that this experience we call life has boundaries and limitations. Reach out to all, and enter-twine yourself with the love and joyful purpose of being that you are about. Live large.. live fully.. live fearlessly.

There is no veil…  no other-side… no place we have go to… we are already there.

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