St.John St.Paul StClairBreakfast Conversations:

Sometimes when I sit with enlightened minds, I find wondrous conversations and keen insights arise out of the freshness of the new day. So when a friend says to me, “Put yourself in the space of what I am about to say…” I listen. As the words roll out I ready my space and consciousness for another profound experience. My senses attune, my breathing steadies, and I am immediately aware that my essence extends beyond my physical self and my mind opens the path to my soul as he speaks again.

“Have you noticed lately how life has become quite surreal?” And as though a portal to understanding were opened and I am washed in a melding of consciousness to consciousness communication. The surroundings drift away from us and we are locked together in a moment of profound clarity as our conversation rolls on seemingly ad infinitum. I answer with an affirming, “Much like this moment?”

So he continues… “Would you hold then, that there is a direct link between awareness, ascendance and mediumship?”

“With out a doubt…” as I continued I noticed that I was no longer sitting in the cafe. I was instead seated above and behind our table. I could move freely around the room and notice little nuances like the waitress who’s expecting felt her baby kick. Details became more prescient as I listened to our conversation, and I spoke. “…this expansion of consciousness to which humanity has been on the road of for millennia, has gotten to the point where we are now able to readily and routinely communicate with consciousnesses which are no longer attached to their physical body. It is only natural that as people begin to re-attain their instinctual natures, which were prevalent when we were more animalistic in nature, that we will begin to notice a shift in awareness and a redefining of consciousness  These abilities that are once again resurfacing for people, these are not new, they are simply part of who we are and have always been. These are our innate abilities, they have only been forgotten. As we begin to reawaken and use these abilities, the resulting manifestation will reshape our consciousness and  transcendence takes place.”

Call it transcendence, call it ascendance, call it evolution… humanity is continually going through a metamorphosis. That is the nature of our reality. As we execute free will and shape our world together, our connection to source, our combined genetically connected reality, through our generational existence and handed down traits, knowledge and wisdom, we shape our world for future generations. We hand down more than our individual traits and wisdom. Humanity hands down to successive generations vast amounts of data concerning our reality, our perceptions, understandings, philosophies, theologies…

The ability some people develop where we communicate with “spirits” or can “Intuit” someones life experience and perceive nuances of their current life i.e.psychically read them, has happened throughout recorded history. We have been called Prophets, Healers, seers, mystics, wizards and we have been branded and burned for our natural ability to see, and to know. And now, we find that our abilities are being seen for the first time without fear. Our understanding of the world after is for the first time in history not provoking fear in people.

We have become disillusioned with religion, and people are seeking answers for themselves. Humanity is starting to see the answers countless eons of questioning have provoked. We are beginning to “get-it.” We are continuing to evolve.

I love breakfast conversations…