What are dreams for?

When we dream, we dream in cycles. What I received from spirit concerning this question is that we have three stages, as we are a three part being. Mind, Body, Spirit we are. We sleep a full third of our lives. When we are awake our mind-body connection takes the lead as the spirit functions as the fulcrum, balancing and interpreting your day. When we sleep… the body takes a rest and becomes the fulcrum for our dream state. This is where our spirit-mind connection takes over and we experience three separate dream cycles:


1.) Generally the first dream deals with the day we just experienced. It is our minds reliving of what it was learning from the experience of the day. The spirit relives the emotions in a distorted vision of the most prevalent events of the day. The visions from this dream if awoken before completion can leave us in a disoriented state of mind.  It can be quite alarming to be awoken in the middle of reliving the day.

2.) The second dream deals with the spirits vision of the dream the over-soul joins and begins to interpret the day in respect to the overall view of the life. The wisdom of the day is intertwined with the spirit. Dreams in this phase can be wild and fantastical filled with creatures that represent people you know and members of your soul group who help you interpret and plan your life. Awakening from this dream state can be filled with whimsical and seemingly nonsensical imagery, if you analyze the dream you can begin to make some sense of who you are inside.

3.) The third and final dream of the night is where the spirit expresses it’s desires for the upcoming day and for the forthcoming future. The mind receives the images from this state as people and places not doing things they would normally do. The dreams in this phase are meaningful and by understanding what element each of the people represent can give you clues to what is coming forth in your life.

Ultimately the dream cycles can be of great importance to your life, as when the body goes into sleep the mind and the spirit are no longer confined to the “earth suit” though still attached via the silver cord. Dreams are our souls expression of our cognitive experience of our linear experience. They assist us in acquiring the wisdom of the soul.

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