What makes your heart sing?

heart singMost all of us have heard of a “bucket list” in which we examine and then seek to live out all the most important experiences we deeply desire to have in this lifetime. What truly would matter if somehow you had that magical and mysterious date of your earthly expiration… the moment of your “so called death?” What would you do differently, how would you interact with others and what would you insist on pushing to the absolute forefront of “must dos”? Think about this as you settle in on the absolute fact that at some point in your life here, some moment, you will cease to exist as you currently do, in the flesh body you now reside in, with all its glory and impermanence. Now there’s a sure way to get yourself in the mindset of proactive living! So how do you really truly want to spend your time?

I have this habit that my beloved family kindly puts up with, or maybe they just have come to terms with the fact that I will do it regardless… I sing, or more accurately BURST into song for no particular reason and without notice. Probably more annoying than endearing is the fact that the vocal selection will most likely be vintage Christmas songs in July, or old Disney “think Snow White” which my range is most likely not suited for. Oddly enough I do not care how peculiar (or irritating) it may be as it brings me immediate happy feelings!  As a younger person I would have been mortified to open my mouth to speak assertively, let alone “sing,” so I take pleasure in the fact that with age comes certain freedoms and overdue expansiveness. I have lots of quirks and playful diversions, but that is another story.

What a gloriously interesting process this thing called life is! We are born into an existence not remembering what came before, or knowing why we decided to do this again. Did we plan it, choosing our parents, relationships, strengths and weaknesses, or is it all just unraveling before our eyes day to day in randomness? Do we come to the understanding that we are only re-learning what we already knew? Does it even matter? Try not to let that overly analytical mind take over and spoil all your fun here… just do it, get actively involved in your life. Be all that you desire!

Joy, love and fullness in this very moment, the only moment there actually ever is, is all that matters. One cannot have regrets if they reside in the present, allowing self to fully experience every nuance offered. This of course means that one has to delete the fear of living, that destructive and irrelevant emotion, from our being. To live boldly and largely and wholly requires the removal of fear and living with the knowing that all is as it should be. After all, we do create our reality and perception of it.

All the “would of, could of and should of’s”  haves have no place in experiencing what really calls your heart’s desire to bring what you need into this life experience and into this moment. Create your intention of living fully and with meaning every day.

Do what brings you joy and meaning, create your moments only as you desire them to be, live with intention and fully… don’t worry, no one is really keeping score.  Live boldly, hugely, fearlessly. Love and live like there is no tomorrow, as today is what matters. Dance, paint, laugh out loud… or sit quietly and just be. Just be whatever and whomever you desire to be, even if you are singing old Christmas songs in July.

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