What’s your book about Mark?

“What is The Reflective Soul about?” I keep getting asked:

The-Reflective-Soul-Paperback2It’s about consciousness, and conscientiousness.  It’s about self-discovery and the internal divinity to which each of us is a part.

We are, all of us, collectively creating the everyday world we experience with our senses. And we are creating this reality with an ineffable consciousness.

The Reflective Soul thoughtfully examines the unifying idea that beyond judgment, preconception, observation and what we believe our reality might be lies this simple truth: everything each of us experiences is an altruistic expression of creation. We are intricately and eternally connected.

Our bodies and their earthly experiences are simply projections of our divine selves into the realm of what we perceive as reality. Ancient mystery schools, varied religious texts, anthropology, philosophy, mythology, quantum physics, metaphysics, near death experiences, mediumship, and prophetic realizations reaffirm that our consciousness continues after the change called death.

This book offers you an opportunity to reconnect with a deeper part of yourself that you only recently may have become aware. It is presented so that you may engage in a contemplative process that leads to a deeper understanding of the soul.

This book is about you, me… we.


 Sample Chapter

You are Light 

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