Why I read.

Why II find what is the most intriguing thing about being a psychic reader is the variety of people that I work with. What compels them to suddenly get to the point in a particular life event to want to consult a psychic? Obviously the people who call me are open to this kind of thing or they wouldn’t be calling so that makes the initial connection much easier. Even if someone is skeptical I generally pick up on it right away.

Consistency has been one of the strange things about this work. The readings I get to participate in are somewhat narrow, most are interested in knowing about the relationship they are in, their prospects with particular love interests and inevitably I’m asked; “What can you tell me about the person I met in a bar last night, and if they are going to call?” … pause… To which I find my energy going two different directions.

It’s almost as if someone just took my ability and split it down the middle. So now I’m supposed to (over the phone) connect not only with the client’s energy, guides, and teachers, but the energy of this love interest, which you met in a bar, last night, while you were out with your friends… drinking, uh huh, and dancing, and he “you know had like really nice abs and all but he really seemed into me…” What do you do with that?

You take what you know to heart, that we are all just energy beings having a physical experience. No one of our life situations is any less or more important than any one else’s is. It is simply their experience. After all she is paying $4.99 a minute to chat with me, so I do what I always do. I tune in to her energy, I align my vibration to her energy, I see the foggy images from last night and a mental picture of the man in question comes to mind. The connection from me through her and onto this “guy” and back bringing his energy through my guide and out of my mouth with my impressions.

Often I am asked about career decisions. Many come to me with a curiosity about what is coming concerning a business opportunity and how the interview went. Will I get hired? Will the company align with mine and finalize the merger? Will the fact that I’m sexually attracted to this person at work effect my job, and if so what can I do to avoid that? The energy transference is so similar. Instead of my consciousness reaching out through the clients and onto one person I get to feel the energy of an entire group of energy beings associated with the clients path, the potential outcomes given current mindsets of all involved, it’s a beautiful thing to see what I see unfold with every reading I do. It starts out so cloudy and as I begin to speak the client understands and can relate with their own concerns or desired outcome of what ever their desired path is, and then comes clarity. So I give what I get, unfiltered just what I see.

Online Phone Psychic work is much different than the personal one on one readings I get to do on my front porch. These readings are done quite differently in deed. On the phone, people have a question and usually a much shorter reading is needed. Sometimes the client only has 6 minutes, and 9 times out of 10, they buy more minutes. The longest reading I’ve had with anyone on Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory this year was 55 minutes. That’s about what I do on the porch. Usually either 30 or 60 minutes and are more focused, a full spread tarot reading with all the attention to detail as I can muster.

Ultimately I approach every reading with equal respect. Be it a 3 minute call with a simple Yes / No scenario or a fully in-depth 60 minute session with someone on our porch I give each reading my full attention and treat each question with the same air of importance as the person asking…

It would be unethical to act any other way.

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