Why Lily’s?

Throughout history humanity has regarded the flower with great reverance and respect.

The flower, as a symbol, provides us with an understanding of beauty in all of its forms. The beauty of the flower seems to hold no purpose for us, aside from attraction. We are drawn to them as a moth to the flame. We bend down and are refreshed spiritually when we inhale the sweet perfume.

Tolle says, “Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature.”  The buddha held his sinlent sermon by simply holding up a flower… this simple concept of recognizing beauty is a powerful affirmation of our recognition of our own inner beauty and light.

The process of awakening is much like the growth cycle of the flower. The seed is planted, the idea grows and once it reaches maturity the beauty is abundant and the soul spreads its petals and adds its own rare and precious beauty to the world. People are drawn to the awakened much as they are drawn to the flowers in a field.

We see them in the distance and feel an urge to catch a whiff of their essence, we bring them home to experience their continued fragrance much in the way we bring spiritual teaching into our dwellings. Once “at home” with them we consume their beauty, their fragrance… more over their spiritual essence and make it our own. Once we do this, we are changed forever and their beauty inspires us to flourish on our own and nurture our seed.

The lily is an important symbol of spiritual communication and the transition to the spirit realm.