You’re already psychic.

What are the main reasons people can’t seem to develop their intuitive abilities?

The short answer is disbelief, resulting from a lifetime of cultural conditioning, aka Cognitive Dissonance. This is a major hurdle for some to get past as many may have to overcome cognitive dissonance. This is the state of resistance to altering our core beliefs. Much in the way of the core belief system in this world is the disbelief in things of what is known as the realm of the supernatural or paranormal.


Through the mass media, Hollywood, the news and our varied religious organizational influences on our consciousness we are conditioned to believe that things such as ESP, Mediumship, Telepathy, and even Ghosts or the spirits of the dead are illusions, mass hallucinations, or the result of cunning charlatans. Through cognitive dissonance the core dis-belief in anything out of the ordinary cause us to rationalize or be skeptic, leery and even violently opposed to the discussion of it much less it’s reality.

In order for someone to develop their intuition, psychic ability, or learn to see spirit you have to overcome your skepticism and disconnect from the rational mental de-compilation of everything you see and not just believe it is possible. You need to know it is happening. It is happening right now. As you are reading this you are beginning to feel like the words you are reading may be true.

Your essence is reaching out beyond the physical world and you are developing a feeling about it. You don’t know just what it means, but that comes with time. As you start to tune in to your impressions of the world around you and pay attention to how you feel, what you see, what you hear know that what you are experiencing has many layers beyond the physical. There are subtle nuances about your path that lie in front of you waiting for you to pick up on them. There are deeper meanings behind what people say and why they say them, and there are people hanging around that do not have bodies… and they love you and want to chat.

As you start to understand, you will want to know more.

It’s okay to believe…

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